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Who do you trust? President Trump, I have always believed, ran on the premiss that the government should be given back to “We the People.” And many people, watched Kevin McCarthy say that Donald Trump did NOT win the election. Which was a lie. We all know that.

Not only that, he never stood up to Mitch.

Trump was on the other day with Wayne Allen Root and Wayne asked him about the support that he has for Kevin McCarthy. His answer was that they could get rid of him, but the replacement might be far worse….Really?

Interesting. Now, according to Newt, getting rid of Kevin means five people will be destroying the whole Republican Party. To that we say, “Well what they heck have ANY of them done for us?” The Republican Party doesn’t care about any of us anymore.

Trying to figure this out…so maybe there are SO many corrupt republicans in the GOP party, that they would not support Trump to run again, IF McCarthy is kicked out. And Trump wants that nomination. I can think of no other reason for his stance.

As far as Newt goes, I decided a long time ago he was a globalist after reading FUTURE SHOCK by Alvin Toffler, and found out Newt loved the author. That book explained long ago what the globalist were going to do. Newt gets by, he sounds so impressive with his history knowledge. But, make no mistake, when he was speaker he did NOT keep most of the promises in the “Contract to America” that he used to take over the House. No, he bowed to President Bill Clinton. I’ve read a few books on Congressmen who there there, and it’s not pretty.

Newt ran the house much the same as Pelosi does: with an iron fist.

So, Nobody Knows if the few remaining real patriots in the House will get their wish, but remember, they rigged the American election, and now the Arizona election, they just gave Ukraine billions…and work hand in hand with China. A speakership is a walk in the park for them.

I doubt seriously if Kevin is NOT speaker. Sadly, the country hasn’t represented the American people for decades.

Is Trump right? Nobody Knows.Will Kevin work against Trump in 2024?

I’m beginning to wonder what Elon thinks. He now, has the floor.

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