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Nobody Knows What Walt Disney Would Say Today about Our Democratic Congress…

But I think we can guess. Communism, is taking over our country. Obama was raised by Commies. He’s behind a lot of what is happening right now. It was the Unions that destroyed much of the big businesses here in America, and they went overseas.

Glenn Beck was wondering WHY the American people don’t rise up? How? With guns? When there is NO representation in Congress, the American people are trapped. Obama has supplied all the governmnet agencies with millions of guns and ammuntion.

It would end well.

It’s a shame what the ‘commies’ are doing to Disney’s wonderful creations. Someday, Disneyland will be nothing more than a cheap amusement park.

Wait, it will LOOK like a cheap amusement park, but only the very rich will afford to go there.

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