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Nobody’s Opinion: Beck’s Dark Future

I had a very long Sunday, and I looked into my email late, and saw this. As usual, I got about 28 minutes into it and it stopped playing.

This happens to me when I watch Glenn on Cable. Something really interesting will start and then…”blank”

Not sure if they can control moments in Tapes or live TV yet, but well, I’m sure they can. Then again, it might be something around my house’s reception….but I doubt it. They WANT to censore this stuff, so I’m going with the obvious answer.

Anyway, Glenn is superb here. He goes over so much stuff that I’m sure is worth watching because pretty soon, if what we see happening all around us, and all the threats we are recieving daily on the news, he might soon be shut off too.

And nobody masters the ‘chalkboard’ like Glenn.

Enjoy…if you can.

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