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I have had a massive computer crash. Long story, but they can’t seem to fix it. We’ve had a lot of medical expenses coming up this year so I must be in ‘budget’ unlike our government. Not sure if I can afford to replace it at this moment in time.

Being the nobody that I am, It might be some time before I get back up.

I’m writing this on a very old computer. Anyway…

It is what it is. The country around me is falling apart very fast so I’m using my time to prepare for the worst, which I hope, doesn’t come to any of us.

Mrs. O…take care.

Amfortas, onward dear Knight.

Everyone else, keep the faith.

You can still reach me at joyanna5150@

We are but small matter in the vast universe, and so, every day matters.

As Steve Job so wisely said: pretend every day might be your last, he did.

I plan to do just that, and hopefully, it will mean something to something or someone.

It’s all we can do, right?

God bless us all. God help us all. Take care my friends.

This is not the end, just…as they say…I am leading the life of quiet desperation. I am at the fork in the road, and must decided which road to take. I’m just not sure yet.

And so it seems…nothing changes for the ‘nobodies.’ Life sometimes is much like a car accident.

It just…hits you. LOL Okay. Not funny.

Untill later….or as the song goes, “Until we meet again.”


P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’m that little tiny star next to the little tiny star on the left. You can’t see me, but really, that’s me.

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