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Nobody Flashes: VERY Important News Everyone Should Know

First: Buffet has man arrested for speaking the truth against his buddy Bill Gates. Then you see the REAL Buffet’s dancing nonsense about how he has nothing to do with how money is spent, and the sychophantic crowd doesn’t care that Buffet is suppose to have an independent voice on this platform…no, Buffet is King. Dare to speak against him, and you will go to jail.

Pretty telling, and pretty scary.


In the second video we are all being prepared for the invasion of an army of military aged men, and NOW the Chinese are sending as many as they can. Biden is sending troops down to make SURE they get on the buses and make it to all the red states in order to be able to vote in the next Presidential election. Remember, the Bush family was the first to initiate this merging of Mexico and the U.S. They finally got China to help them out. In fact, Obama, Clinton AND Bush are going to provide planes to imigrants to get them all in as fast as possible.


The third video is proof that the whole Covid virus and vaccine was released to kill off as many as possible, from a man who knows. And it’s not over. They want to mandate this vaccine to the world.

Will Gates and Fauci be thrown in jail for the their crimes against humanity?

Hardly, they are on a fast track to destroy many more.

It’s so diabolical, like the gas ovens in Germany, NOBODY can even fathom such evil, and yet, it’s here.


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