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Nobody Flashes: Genuis VS the King. What?

This video of this little girl was so unbelievable I almost wondered if it wasn’t A.I. created. 3? Really?

And then, the coranation of the KING. Almost seemed to me like a what bunch of kids would do playing dressup, except it’s NOT A.I.. His crown alone was so obscene, if not for tradition, it seems so…Let me say it again: Obscene and silly.

Nostradamus said his reign wouldn’t be long. Well..duh.

And they wonder why the American people wanted a BUSINESSMAN to run our country.

Oh, Chi-Com Biden didn’t go. It seems China and the King of England are now…in competition. Also, I noticed that the crowd outside the Palace was almost 100 percent white. No blacks. No Muslims. ALL WHITE. And yet I bet not one reporter said anything nasty about that.

Giving a crown to someone because of their BLOODLINE is just about as stupid as giving political positions to anyone because of the color of their skin.

Too bad we can’t get GOD on our cell phones and ask him about it.

Anyway, enjoy little Mozart. What is she going to do with she is 4? Write symphonies?

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