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Nobody Flashes: Genuis VS the King. What?

This video of this little girl was so unbelievable I almost wondered if it wasn’t A.I. created. 3? Really?

And then, the coranation of the KING. Almost seemed to me like a what bunch of kids would do playing dressup, except it’s NOT A.I.. His crown alone was so obscene, if not for tradition, it seems so…Let me say it again: Obscene and silly.

Nostradamus said his reign wouldn’t be long. Well..duh.

And they wonder why the American people wanted a BUSINESSMAN to run our country.

Oh, Chi-Com Biden didn’t go. It seems China and the King of England are now…in competition. Also, I noticed that the crowd outside the Palace was almost 100 percent white. No blacks. No Muslims. ALL WHITE. And yet I bet not one reporter said anything nasty about that.

Giving a crown to someone because of their BLOODLINE is just about as stupid as giving political positions to anyone because of the color of their skin.

Too bad we can’t get GOD on our cell phones and ask him about it.

Anyway, enjoy little Mozart. What is she going to do with she is 4? Write symphonies?

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  1. Hey, brillant history lesson amfortas! Thank you!

    Believe it or not, before the socialists took over in America, we also were made to read about Britian in high school. But that was long ago. Now, this NWO technology has taken over the kid’s brains…and that’s on purpose. My fear is that Biden AND your new King have both endorsed getting rid of the nations and forming a one World Government. No doubt King Charles really believes it will save the world.

    He is …wrong. Biden is just a full-fledged criminal.

    I think both you and I can agree on one thing: Both our nations are proud of our history and do NOT want to be governed by a few select elites. And they hold the planet now…even though the facade of “nations” remain in place.

    The invasions happening in the West are in order to replace the aging populations, and will make it easier for the few to control everyone.

    I watched the coranation this morning. It was fun. Silly, to an American, but so what? I’m sure you think our traditions are silly too. I have always loved my British friends whom I’ve always considered distant cousins. Britian fought for freedom, and those lessons were handed down to many ‘Britains’ who fled to America. It was in their British soul NOT to be ruled by tyranny. In a way, your history made America.

    You just proved it.

    Love ya amfortas, and thanks for the lessons.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | May 8, 2023 | Reply

  2. Kings. Traditions. Heritage. History. We dismiss them all too easily. Americans barely know who they are or how they originated. The British too. What we are taught about ourselves by the ‘education class’ is barely worth passing on and what they do not teach is VITAL.

    As a friend of mine wrote…… At school they don’t teach you who you are.

    You don’t have any lessons on Anglo-Saxon kings, apart from one lesson on 1066.

    At that point they have already ignored five centuries of English identity. You don’t know how your nation was formed. You don’t know Beowulf, your national epic poem. You don’t know that Anglo Saxon kings were more restricted in what they did than other kings. You don’t know the Anglo Saxons had a unique sense of liberty. You don’t know that the kings were supposed to protect this.

    You don’t know Alfred the Great. Our greatest ever monarch, who saved our nation, codified our laws, firmly entrenched our Christian faith. You don’t know that England nearly disappeared, and one man saved it. Our king.
    No school told you about the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. No school told you about the Venerable Bede. No school told you that the North of England had some of the greatest Christian scholars of the Middle Ages, or that Saxon England was famed for its wealth.

    You don’t know the battles between the Saxon kingdoms, and how they were gradually forged into one nation. You’ve never heard of the greatness of Northumbria or of Mercia, and know nothing about Penda. You don’t know the Battle of Brunanburh in 937AD confirmed that England would be ruled by the English, and not by the Viking Kings of Dublin or the Kings of Scotland. You don’t know that Athelstan, Alfred’s grandson, saved us again. Our king.

    You know about Harold II and Hastings. You got that one lesson. But you were never told that the reason he rushed south and lost, when he could have waited and grown his army, was because he loved his people, and his people were suffering. You probably weren’t told that the blood of our Saxon kings passed, through marriage, into the blood of their Norman conquerors. You don’t know that in a few centuries the conquerors were conquered, and the most brutal overlords we ever had became proud to be English, to use the English language, to call themselves English, to love their land and their people.

    You were never taught that our rival nations in these Isles came together, peacefully, under a King that all accepted. Our king. You were never told to take pride in the Empire they forged, together, with English strength, Irish genius, Scottish ingenuity, and Welsh passion, the most remarkable achievement by any nation since the conquests of Rome. You were never taught that when we removed one king for overstepping his limits, he died proclaiming his fear that the people no longer had a protector. You were never taught why we restored the Monarchy, so quickly after abolishing it. You were never told that we peacefully reasserted the limits of its power in 1688, and why our nation never fell into the very long periods of religious war that plagued France and Germany.

    The Crown is not one person, the Monarchy is not one King. it is a golden thread. It is a symbol written in blood. It is 1,500 years. It is every king who HAS loved us and served us well, and every Queen too. It is not just those who were bad, or mad, or foolish. It is those who were great, and bold, and triumphant. It is part of us. It is the tale of our nation, the tale your teachers denied you and themselves do not know. It is OURS.

    It is because they already took this history from you, this pride, this identity, that people can say ‘not my King’. The man doesn’t matter. I know his faults. Whoever wears it today, a better man may wear it tomorrow. That doesn’t matter. The history is yours. It is who we are. How many other nations still have this, what other nation has known such glory and survived such despair? Few, few if any on this Earth have been what we have been.

    Deny it, and deny yourself.

    I happily swear an oath to my people and my history. Not to Charles the man, with all his faults. To the many Kings of England, my land. That’s what a symbol means, and it is more than any one person. It is all of us.


    Comment by Amfortas | May 7, 2023 | Reply

  3. No blacks and no muslims in the crowds? Really? Perhaps there were some in the Abbey. Oh look, a Hindu Prime Minister of Great Britain and a Muslim First Minister of Scotland. (What’s your Pres, by the way. He ain’t no Catholic despite what he claims ). Perhaps they, who give the orders around the Isles, shunted all the other blacks and muslims outta town for the day. Possibly on a taxpayer financed jaunt into the countryside. Hehehehehe


    Comment by Amfortas | May 7, 2023 | Reply

    • Oh my goodness…my remark was about the crowd. NOT all the colors and women and various Tower of Babel political woke ministers being placed all over the Western World into power. And certainly not an attack on the Brits at all. Just like you, they are PROUD of their King and country as well historically it is there’s alone. And much has been given the world from Britian. Just as much has been given the world from the United States.  I just found it funny that over here in America, not one reporter made a snid remark about how there were no colored in the crowd.  They are REALLY careful about where they use this woke stuff.  The white crowd were…shhhhhh…whites mostly, and proud Brits! Just like you! Yes, our Biden is scum. Scum. And the Western world of political Kings and Presidents and Whatever are all… Together in their madness. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | May 7, 2023 | Reply

  4. Joyanna,
    Just got the notification of this post in my new e-mail ~ that little girl was delightful; I love seeing children playing music! (Reminds me a bit of my son, the one you’ve seen on his YT channel; he was precocious too [but not /that/ precocious!] 😉 ) I shan’t comment on the coronation; I’ll leave that to you and Amfortas. 😉 G’night ~ Mrs. O.


    Comment by Mrs. O | May 6, 2023 | Reply

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