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Nobody Knows The Propaganda Cupcake in Hank’s New Movie:A Man Called Otto

It’s a good flick, on cable. Filled with great script writing, and the fine acting of Tom Hanks as an old white guy living in a small community where he is known as the grouchy old man who misses his wife who died.

It’s a tearjerky, of course. Kind of reminds me of the recent Clint Eastwood movie where he takes the young Mexican kid neighbor under his protection.

Yeah, that was WOKE. Yes, that was Clint Eastwood.

But the woke messages in this film never stop…and the release on cable, on the VERY same day MILLIONS Of illegals are invading our country, was planned to ‘ease’ your heart to accept and care for these very lovable and giving Mexicans.

THAT was planned and on purpose.

Tom plays a man who wants to kill himself after his wife dies, but a latino couple with two and a half kids end up stealing his heart. He decides to live. They NEED him.

WOKE Otto gives a car and compassion to a transvestite, whose father kicked “her/him” out of the house. Big trans message there.

In the end he dies of a heart attack and gives ALL his posessions to the young Spanish woman and her family. He teaches her how to drive, babysits her kids…

The message? You old white people who just want to die because your country is changing need to accept the Mexicans with open arms and give them all that you can. Leave them all your stuff when you die.

We’re trying to get you to do that.

And they do this message in such a way as to really brainwash you. Don’t you WANT to be good like that Spanish Lady who was so kind to you?

Nobody Knows if the screws of the “You’d better do as we say OR else” is being used on all our actors, by Klaus, and now, even Elon Musk.

But, it’s going to take more than a movie for the patriots of this country to ‘feel’ sorry for all the illegals and just hand over their property.

Because what’s coming over that border? Is NOT a Hollywood movie.

And we all know it.

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