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West Virginia Spends $87 Mil. For New MUSLIM Housing…

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This man’s testimony pretty much sums up what most Americans think about all the Muslims being “Dropped” into their neighborhoods.

The GOP hasn’t said a WORD about this. Not a word. Just yesterday, my husband was walking the dog around the block and a Muslim lady came outside and was throwing shoes at her children, yelling and screaming in Arabic. It made him so angry he wanted to call the police, but he knew that was pointless.

The video speaks for itself. I agree with this man 100%, and funny thing is, when I tried to download this off Google, Google wouldn’t let me, and even showed a sign at the bottom of my computer that said, “Can’t get this to load? Find out why. Google.” I KNEW why, so I went to a different search engine until I could get it. I’ll be surprised if it even shows up tomorrow. If it’s blocked I’ll try to give the address so everyone can see it.

Anyway, I’ve reprinted some of the comments below the video here….I just left off the names:

This, like illegal immigration, is to dilute the voting block in purple states for Democrats. The catch and release, “refugees” are funneled into strategic locations in preparation for the 2020 election.

America will not wake up. Our government places clusters like this and then elections get them elected.

The Noahide laws is the sharia law our government passed. Wake up!

They are doing this as Albert Pikes ww3 agenda is in full swing. Flood the world with Islam to cause chaos and terror. Then ride in with the savior of Luceferian doctrine. It’s filthy but it’s happening.

I hope those units BURN before our enemies move in. And stuffing AMERICANS into shitholes so these bastards can move in on our dime and plan jihad? Unbelievable!

Maxine. Dirty Waters is one she took money for putting Samoli Muslims in a high rise in LA. Paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood

Noahide = Sharia = New World Order. I knew a guy who’s dad moved to Libya and he said he converted to Islam because it was “easier”

America knows what is happening, but they feel powerless to do anything. 

Nobody Thinks: We had BETTER fight back.

We had BETTER…keep our guns and keep our President. 

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St. Louis: The New Dearborn

Nobody Cares

“It worse than I thought.”

I said this to myself, yesterday, as my husband and I were coming home from downtown St. Louis after making a trip to visit the Busch Brewery.

I hate to write about gloomy things, but really, I wonder if anybody else notices stuff like this.

Most every city in the United States has a highway system which passes around the main city: Chicago, Kansas City, L.A. Atlanta, all have highways that circle around the outskirts. If you are traveling East coming into St. Louis and going toward the Arch, you go north once you pass over the Mississippi, and get onto highway 70, heading North than West. Highway 70 will take you right out to Colorado.

If you go South, you won’t see what I just saw.

It’s been quite a while since I went downtown…many years in fact. The last time was before Obama was elected. And sure, the closer you got to downtown, the older the brick buildings were…all built during the 1940’s and up. And on the North side, there were factories.

But, so what? They were just old. Brick buildings can last forever if taken care of.

It’s about a 30 miles stretch of highway, and what I saw was beyond believe. Not one, not two, but hundreds, just hundreds of buildings falling down. It looked as if, a bomb had gone off. Roofs collapsed, whole sides of buildings gone, windows broken…complete devastation everywhere. For over 25 miles. Wow.

Why hadn’t I heard about this on my local stations? East St. Louis never looked this bad. Who owned all this property? This was a whole section of land, once developed with neighborhoods, and businesses and factories, and…I was shocked.

Shocked by two realizations: In ten years St. Louis is worse than most third world countries. And the fact that NOBODY anyway, in any news station, or paper, or pundit…nobody even talks or mentioned it. That to me was the most frightening realization of all.

You turn on the local news and they usually start out with: “And you local weather for today” and then they mentioned how many people were shot dead the night before. But, the state of the city? Not a word. Just who won the baseball game.

I have been living in my little neighborhood cocoon. I ignored the pawn shops, going up all around.

I even told myself that Ferguson, was a staged event…and I didn’t need to go to those stores anymore.

I have forgotten about the nuclear waste dump near my house, and that Zika is going to be making a big debut here this summer.

I have been living in some sort of denial. And trust me, if I could move out of this hell hole, I would.

I had NO idea just how bad it was.

What’s even funnier is that Obama decided to build a National government building to hold our records in North St. Louis. People will have to drive through this horrible landscape if they get a job there.

And if I want to depress myself further, I remember the fact that SOMEONE likes to destroy government buildings that hold FBI, CIA, and other classified records. Oklahoma City, and Building 7 were destroyed, to use two examples. They will build it, and sure enough, some how it will be destroyed.

The once thriving riverfront is now…dead. The city is filled with Muslims now.

Nobody talks about it.

The democratic mayor wants to sell the airport to…anybody really. China wants it, and I bet China will get it. Or the Saudi’s.

What I really am trying to say, that if they can hide how BAD the condition of the city is from you, you have to wonder…

How bad of shape IS the country in that we don’t know about?

For that matter, the world?

What I am trying to say is: what we see on TV every day, is smoke and mirrors. They act as if the country is okay, everything is normal.

The country is in much worse shape than any of us really know…and that’s why…people are leaving the cities.

The only building I saw among the rubble, that was new…looked like this:

St. Louis once had 850,000 people…it now has only about 350,000.

And at least a third of the population are Muslims. And yet,

Nobody Knows, and Nobody Cares…but me.  What HAVE they done to our country?




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First, They Start With Gravestones….

Nobody Wins

You have to love the irony. The democrats are getting on President Trump for being anti-Semitic. The party that sides with the Muslims, as Obama says “When the winds shift I will side with Islam” at every rally, dares to attack President Trump. Not one word about the vast connections of what they have done to Israel in the last eight years, is mentioned.

Did you forget about that? I haven’t.  

They blatantly ignore the fact that Netanyahu endorses our President with open arms and smiles.

The problem does not lie with President Trump. It lies with the democratic party who have insisted that “Islam” is peaceful, and if Muslims are brought into our country, and commit crimes against Jews, those crimes should not be considered “hate” crimes, but just…regular crimes.

Yes, the democrats are filling our broken cities with Muslims.

Tonight, most everyone has heard how somebody in St. Louis, went into a Jewish graveyard…and trashed and desecrated over 180 gravestones. But hey, they can’t say it was a “hate” crime. No. Anybody could have done this, they said on the news. jews-cemetary

So…who blamed our President for this? Hillary Clinton.

No, Queen Hillary, it’s not President Trump’s fault, it’s the person who committed the crime…someone who hates Jews. 

There isn’t one person in this city who doesn’t think that a Muslim, (or two or three) did this. Bill Clinton dumped about 80,000 Bosnians here when HE was President, and they are flooding down here from Michigan. And they hate America. I have Muslims neighbors and more are arriving every day. And I will be frank. The men look like they want to rape you.

I don’t walk around my block anymore alone, and frankly, I’m pretty pissed about it. Why should I have to move?

Let me tell you about our Democratic Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskil. In a state that went overwhelmingly republican in the last election: she sticks out like a sore thumb. She our BIG problem. She was a great supporter of Obama, and she is the one pushing to bring as many Syrians into St. Louis as she can. She sells the same old line…” They need a home!” and if she could force us to open up our houses and take them, she would. They will only stay peaceful for so long.

Desecrating Jewish gravestones, is just a start.

Yes, the democrats want to fill up Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson, St. Louis…all the dying cities with Muslim communities. Sure, the over 80,000 Bosnians that Bill Clinton dropped have built a thriving neighborhood in South St. Louis, but it’s a neighborhood no American can go into. It’s theirs.

I watched this yesterday, and nobody explains why bringing millions of Muslims is really stupid, better than Brigitte Gabriel.

Once again: THANK you Brigitte.  Thank you for pointing out the truth.


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