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Nobody’s Perfect: Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York VS Whitney Beseler of Australia

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have two people who CLEARLY are not thinking straight: Mayor Bill deBlasio of New York VS Whitney Beseler of Australia.De Blasio

Ever since JFK Jr. was killed in a plane crash, which made way for Hillary to move right into the Senate seat to launch her bid for the Presidency, New York has gone leftist wacko with their politicians and the last mayor, Bill is just a ‘smidgen’ right of Castro on the political line.

After Giuliani, New York just started to fall apart. Taxes jumped, and people just moved out of the state. So, it was no surprise this week that at the top of the list of hated politicians is New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, because of his own stupid mouth, has pissed off the entire NYPD:

Why? He followed the yellow brick road of Obama cop trashing, and two cops were shot by a black man with a vengeance against cops. (As IF they didn’t know that would happen.)

“What parents have done for decades who have children of color, especially young men of color, [which] is train them to be very careful whenever they have an encounter with a police officer,” adding “I have talked to many families of color. They have had to have the same conversation with their sons.” said the Mayor.

He just told the cops he was on the side of …everyone else. Nice going Mayor.

  If you thought Hillary Clinton was left of the middle, De Blasio makes Hillary look like a John McCain. He is so far ‘left’ that he went to Cuba on his honeymoon. Bill Clinton swore him in, and he has big ties to the Clintons. He served as Hillary’s campaign manager for her Senate bid. He’s into all her causes: babies taken by the state after birth, gay issues, transsexual issues, abortion on demand, and a true progressive. He believes in the redistribution of just about everything, including the rights of the police.

His best buddy lately has been Al Sharpton. He also handled Charlie Rangel’s reelection bid inn 1997. Need I go on? Like Obama, he’s a community organizer, and used to hang out with the Sandinistas.

Comrades! And lately, in New York, the protests have gotten pretty nasty.

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called Monday for a pause in protests over police conduct as he faced a widening rift with those in a grieving force who accuse him of creating a climate of mistrust that contributed to the execution of two officers.

“I think it’s important that, regardless of people’s viewpoints, that everyone step back,” de Blasio said in a speech Monday at the Police Athletic League. “I think it’s a time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests, put aside all of the things that we will talk about in all due time.”

Oh NOW he wants to stop trashing cops? You have to wonder WHY a mayor of New York would even dream of pissing off those men. Like I said: With a little more sense he’d be a half-wit.

And speaking of half-wits:

On a game show in Australia, Whitney Beseler was on the Australia’s Millionaire Hot Seat Show and on her very first question, she was stumped: She picked, D. Burger ring

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Congratulations Whitney! Come on—-you just had what many people who are really nervous call— a brain fart. It happens. Too bad it was in front of millions of people, but you DID go on the show, which shows lack of common sense in the first place. Still— you tried.

As for Mayor De Blasio, he can go back to Cuba and take a swim with the sharks. At this point in time, it might be preferably to him asking a cop to fix his son’s speeding ticket.

Go ahead Mayor! Cuba is now…OPEN for business! Your boat is waiting.


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Carlos Danger, Billy Pork-Sword, Michael Flapdoodle….

Nobody Knows—

How the democratic women can keep claiming to be die-hard feminists when they keep hanging around and forgiving scumbags husbands for basically being no-class horn dogs. They want to destroy all men, but they let their husbands humiliate them again and again, and act like the simpering women when the men keep insulting them. I guess they want the world to think they are “saints” or something. Some of us just think they are stupid. Not to mention, they NEVER apologize to the other women who are being hounded by their husband perverts.

But success and power trump morality, or honesty, or any kind of decency. Hillary must have told Huma to say:

“I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward.” 

“Moving foward”?

To what? The White House? It wouldn’t be the first time a power couple who are married in name only occupies the White House. We all know that Hillary and Bill Clinton no longer have a marriage, but still get together for photo ops, because the brand must never be comprimised. And NO where in the news will you ever hear the real truth: that Hillary and Bill are faking it.

To conservative women everywhere, Hillary and Huma are big hypocrites, and weak women. If they were the true feminists they claim to be they would NOT put up with sexual predators for husbands.

We all know Carlos Danger will just find another name to go under, because to him, his penis is very exciting and he just can’t keep it off the internet.

But, hey, I’m here to help him out! I’ve got some great undercover names for him to use:

Billy Pork-sword.

Bobby Foreman

Carlito Mucho Arm

Mano Thirdleg

Ricky Thorn

Jimmy Valbowski

Brad Virilia

Anthony Sexile

I could go on, but my Slang dictionary is worn-out.

Nobody Knows just how ‘hard-up’ New Yorkers are for a Mayor—but the one they have certainly proves that just about any pervert can run for Mayor and win.

If New York elects Mayor Weiner, they deserve whatever they get, I’d just post a picture of his wiener on the Empire State Building, with a big sign that read:  “Move forward New York! ” …or move out.

Kris 11

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Nobody Wins In New York


Here’s a real moronic statement from the Mayor of New York, made a few days ago in response to the Colorado Batman shootings: He suggests the police go on strike. He wants the police to go on strike so the citizens will feel really bad about the police not protecting them, and give up their guns.

Never mind that the police mostly show up AFTER the shot has been fired.

Right. That would make the citizens feel REALLY safe. I wonder what the police in Chicago thought of that comment?

Okay for him…He has an army of guards to protect his rich self. Sorry, I can’t believe that in all the times that Obama has lambasted the rich, none of his people go after the richest fat cat around, Michael the KING of New York Bloomberg. He’s worth over $22 billion, and all his money was made on Wall Street.

The reason they don’t is because Michael gives money to all the right liberal institutions, like Harvard, Carnegie, and the Sierra Club…such a good Jew.  He is so invincible that he got himself ‘elected’ to a third term…and then outlawed drinking soda, and eating salt. Gandhi would be shamed.

 This guy would LOVE to be President. If Michael were President, we would all be ordered to exercise in the morning, and never touch a McDonald’s hamburger again. Driving anywhere without his permission would send you to jail. And eating a Twinkie after midnight…would get you two years in a Bloomberg rehabilitation camp.

And this week, the UN lead by Iran is trying to make world safe with “gun control” laws…in the name of controlling the terrorists. Everyone knows it would not keep guns out of the criminals hands, BUT…it would give the Mayor of New York the right to go in and confiscate every single gun in New York City. Oh how happy he would be!

 Nobody Thinks it’s not just the Colorado Batman Movie shootings that are bringing out the old blowhard—There is a fact that not too many people know: His wife, Tiven, has been Commissioner of the New York City Commission for the United Nations, Consular Corps and Protocol, since February 2002.


Hearing Bloomberg make this absurd statement brought back a long ago comment made by a pretty sick comedian that Nobody Remembers:

In 2006, Rosie O’Donnell said that “the right to, to bear arms” is “not really a right.” What she meant to say is that it’s only a right for some people; it does not apply to people like her. During the April 19, 1999, broadcast of her talk show, she stated, “You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun, I think you should go to prison.”Well, Rosie has paid protection too…and for good reason:I’m sure Michael Moore is in love with her.

Nobody Thinks: If you live in New York, you might want to move.

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Nobody Needs Photoshop Welfare

Nobody Cares

America bailed out Europe today, with the spin “Hey…We have to bail them out or we will go down!” The stock market soared, and like the Nobody that I am, it really meant nothing to me, so I went out and raked leaves.

I have a LOT of leaves. I’m considering asking my trees to switch their diet. I’d set my lawn on fire, and get rid of them all at once,  but I think that’s illegal.

Nevertheless, Nobody searches hard now for the good-news nuggests, and I found this great video of Donald Trump, dishing Obama for coming to New York on the same night that the Rockefeller Center turns on its Christmas tree lights. If you have never experienced a “President” coming into your city, you should move to Russia. Wait… don’t have to move. Here in the United States they have to shut down whole city blocks, subways, and highways..for hours…just so Genghis Obama can make his lordy way to his fund-raisers. They hardly EVER mentioned this fact on TV, which is again, why I wish Donald would run for President, because he mentioned it.

He mentions a lot of stuff that this Nobody likes.

Tonight, the Rockefeller Christamas Special on NBC was a perfect example of how you didn’t see any of whatever trouble in traffic that Obama caused.  All 900 teenage girls were in front, to see the Beaver (sorry he looks like a small beaver to me, he needs a Wally) and the Kicking Rockets (okay, so that’s not their real name)  looked perfect and…Coral King can’t sing anymore, but Neil Diamond still can, and Tony Bennett is the only singer in the world that can smile and hold a loooooog note…and not break his smile. And I simply don’t know how he does it.

It’s like it’s cemented on his face like that butt-lady who has cement in her cheeks. Maybe he dabs a little super-glue in his cheeks. Something.

Anyway, this leads me to point. Nobody wants to assure all the women out there, who are tired of looking at beautiful women in perfume adds, videos, clothes commercials, angels of fluff in scanty Santa outfits, that, while you are searching you memory for one girl that you ever saw that never had one pimple on her face…

THESE GIRLS ARE NOT REAL! Why do I say that? They have help. They have been airbrished, polished, computerized…need I say more? And what about us nobodies?

I say we need Photoshop Welfare. Forget food stamps.

Now, in case you doubt me, here’s a video that I wish I had never seen…because now when I watch TV I’m thinking..”He’s NOT in that plane, they are NOT in that car, that is NOT New York City…that is the young Mariah Carey  in that old rehashed Christmas video with Justin Beiver, Obama is just an actor from Kenya, not really our President, and that girl doesn’t even have pores! ”

It sort of spoils some of the “I’m escaping from the fallen dollar, and lack of photoshop mode”... you know what I mean?

I’d say ENJOY this next video, but if you think that ignorance is bliss…..don’t watch it.

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MORE Hero’s of 9/11

Nobody Flashes

“The hero obeys his own law.”

                -Henry David Thoreau

You know, I’ve never seen this on any 9/11 special since 9/11 happened.

But, I’m glad I got to see it now. It’s got a big surprise at the end.

Take a few minutes and…be humbled, by the goodness of men.

(Thanks to Pattie)

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