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Enter the Darkness of Disbelief: Great Gatsby Beats Star Trek

Nobody’s Opinion

Last night my family and I went to see the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness.  We went an hour early, because it was opening weekend and we wanted to get a good seat.Star Trek Into darkness poster

And low and behold, on a Sunday afternoon, there were only 8 people in the audience. By all accounts, this was one of the best Star Trek movies ever made in the franchise, and had been promoted in the theater for well over a year…so I couldn’t help wondering..What country am I in?

What happened to America?

Come on! This is one of America’s most famous franchises…what in the world was everybody doing?

When I got home, I got on the internet and saw that the Great Gatsby had done far better box office sales than Iron Man Three AND Star Trek.

What? They did THAT boring old story again? They had to do it over in 3D so that people could FEEL even worse about their lives? Tornadoes are ravishing the land, and we are watching fluff movies?

I don’t care if they spit champagne in 3D at the audience, It was a boring story, and a boring movie the first time around.

You go to look at the clothes and the ostentatious wealth, and dream.The Great Gadsby

During the last depression, it was Shirley Temple that everyone flocked to see. But was it Shirley or the same old poor girl becomes rich, and always has a happy ending that they wanted?

I have never been a big fan of Fitzgerald. Don’t ask me why, I just think he was a bit like his own characters…lots of bluster but not much meat. He was always trying to make some profound point, but always came up…short, as if he wasn’t sure what he thought.  He had his moments, but Gatsby was not one of them.

I find this lax in American movie going very disturbing. I realized the economy is really, really bad, and going to a movie is much too expensive, but just the fact that it came in third from the people that did go is disturbing.

Does that mean that only liberals can afford movies now?

I can’t help thinking: What in the world would make the American public choose a boring movie about some rich guy wanting a blond bimbo over an action-packed, futuristic movie about outer space?

Does it all come down to people want to dream that they will someday be rich, as opposed to someday they would travel to other planets? The last Powerball numbers support that. They could start charging five dollars a ticket and everyone would still play,—you know why?

Because they think their chances of ever getting rich has been cut off at that knees. And they are right.kris 63

Has closing NASA really put death into our dreams as humans….where you dream of future inventions…and the air car. I’m crazy about air cars. I’ve seen real mechanics working on them and posting their work on Youtube.

Forget those stupid solar panels. Get on those air cars. You want to get rid of the Saudis? Make them eat sand.

Where’s the President that stands up and says: Science fiction has many times before foreseen our future, therefore, I am investing in air cars.

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

Tonight when I got home, I saw that CNN took a poll and came up with the fact that despite all the scandals, Obama is still very popular.

They must have polled people coming out of the Great Gatsby

You’re kidding me. Nobody wants to see Star Trek and Obama is still loved.

What planet am I on?

I still, can’t believe it.

But then again…I do remember Chris Pine, the actor playing Captain Kirk going on a talk show and saying he was a big liberal and he supported Obama.

Elephants do remember, don’t they?



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Nobody Remembers: Spock Loves Bilbo Baggins

Nobody Remembers

For those of you who grew up with Star Trek, here is one side of Dr. Spock you might have been glad you never knew…but HERE we see just how long the story of Bilbo Baggins has been around. In fact, I have to admit, I read THE HOBBIT in college, and then just had to get the Lord of the Rings.

Nobody could have done a better job than Jackson bringing the story to life, and after watching this video, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO  glad nobody in the 1960’s attempted to make Tolkien movies until they had the technology of today.

Imagine midget’s running around with fake feet and snap- on ears.

BUT…having said that…this is too weird. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get this out of my head, and I apologise in advance…

Enjoy…and remember…two cultural heroes’ rolled up in one silly song with a bunch of young pretty girls dancing around (Which, come to think of it, might be why Leonard agreed to be in the video, because I can’t think of any other reason he would do this.)



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To Boldly Go..Star Treking…

Nobody Wonders–

Some times you have to boldly go and make a fool of yourself and that’s what I did today with my Trekkie friend Pattie at the Star Trek Exhibition down at the St. Louis Science center.

Here you can see, Captain Pattie remains cool and calm while I freak out at the Federation ship she just blew up. Of course, then we had to make a run for it, (Federations are never very nice when you blow them up) and Scottie beamed us back in time, while I kept the phaser on for any last-minute attacks: Pattie was checking for atmospheric weather amoralities….and we both somehow landed in Kirk’s Captain seat, which of course, we were fighting over..(because we, like smart women everywhere, were not ABOUT to pay for two pictures!)–untill we looked over and saw..two strange creatures from another planet..making strange gestures at us. I didn’t catch their names, but since we were from the future, we have no idea who those people were. They looked like a very nice married couple from some house in the Late Great America. I believe that is an American Flag behind that man. That must have been BEFORE China took it over. Anyway…

It was a rough day, and I’m glad we made it back to the future where you can still be silly, even if you’re NOT drinking.

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