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Nobody Rants About Race-Baiting ‘President’


Nobody’s Opinion

‘President” Obama issued a statement yesterday,  about the brave Navy Seals, and all the men who were murdered in Benghazi— he gave a brief statement to honor their courage:

Wait! We all know that didn’t happen. Nobody talks about Benghazi anymore. We have race riots now!Trayvon crowd two

Instead, he said this:

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America. I know this case has elicited strong passions. And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.”

(Translation: The reason I’m so upset about this boy being murdered is because, Trayvon, was so much like me at his age, he could have been my son. He smoked grass, he liked to get high, just like I did. He hated ‘crackers’ and even looked like me. It’s uncanny how much he looks like me—-so, I’m upset too. So is every black basketball player, hip-hop singer, and everyone else who contributes to our America. So yes, I feel your pain. So I want to thank all my friends, Beyonce, and you know, just everybody that is as shocked as I am. And I need the black people to get back to the polls one more time…)

“But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken. I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.”

(Translations: Screw the Chicano boy. His parents don’t count. Be cool. Zimmerman can never go out in public again. I’ll see to that. HEY! You white people need to stop profiling black kids. The reason they burn down buildings and rob stores is because you people are so racist….and uh…I can’t blame them. We need more compassion for the black men who can’t find jobs.) Trayvon crowd

“We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this.”

(Right. We need to get guns out of the hands of citizens. We need to repeal the 2nd amendment. And I need to use this opportunity to push that fact home.)

“As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

(HONOR Trayvon Martin? What did he do but smash some guys head into concrete? For what? Beating up somebody who wanted to know what he was doing?)

Where’s the Justice?

Justice lifted it’s head and you didn’t like it.Kris 8

It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Today I thought this comment, (and all the comments about how Trayvon is dead meat from all of Obama’s fans) was the only one I could agree with.

Today I am embarrassed to be an American…my heart goes out to the Martin family.

—– Toni Braxton

You know what Toni? I’m embarrassed to be an American too. This is only about the 483rd time in my life that I have had to witnessed black people running around burning buildings, attacking innocent people, destroying their own neighborhoods, killing their own people, (and others) robbing for fun, and generally, acting like spoiled brats. Obama Gives Speech At University of Cape Town

I am also embarrassed that we have a President who deliberately incites riots across the country.

I am also embarrassed for the whole black Obama-nation who are out rioting right now: Jesse Jackson for inciting riots:  and CNN—who has not talked about anything else the whole day but how “Zimmerman is the most hated man in America.”

I beg…to differ. I can think of another candidate…maybe you should take a poll.

Who’s the most hated man in America right now?

Obama, or Zimmerman?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Of all the fine black minds in America, we had to get YOU! Good god almighty.




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Zimmerman: Saved By a Gun…


Nobody Wins

Most everyone has seen this YouTube video. Here in America it’s becoming almost a common practice on any given night: The “natives” go wild….and go into stores, and basically terrorize everyone. And please, these kids deserve the name “natives.” 

Notice: They are …mostly young blacks. It makes you miss the days when young kids just went out and teepeed the lawns.

Right now, I’m watching Sean Hannity’s interview with George Zimmerman, the man who was accused of racially killing a young boy named Trevon Martin. (or is it Trayvon? I keep seeing two different spellings)

By all accounts, after watching this video, Nobody Thinks that this man has been severely wronged, by Jesse Jackson, by the Black Panthers, by the media, by Spike Jones, and by the President himself. His story is one of just many in America. His crime seems to be that he was trying to PREVENT a crime.

As he explained in the interview–He got on the neighborhood watch list because his wife witnessed robbers running through their back yard loaded up with their neighbors stuff.

So, that night when he saw Trevon, walking on and in-between properties, he CALLED the police…which is the last thing you would do if you were out to commit a “racist” murdering act.

Zimmerman, like any sensible person who sees the young black kids robbing in the neighborhood– wanted to have protection, therefore, he carried a gun.

That gun saved his life.

I can relate to Zimmerman. The weather here in St. Louis has been on average, 100 degrees for more than two weeks, and so, last night as I was walking my dog and for the first time since I have lived here in my neighborhood, … I was scared. Up and down the street were about twenty parked cars, filled with black teenagers. Pants hanging down, mostly young boys, just hanging out. I put on my “fearless” face and just kept walking by them. In my mind, I was praying that they didn’t want to ‘steal’ my dog. As I passed by one car, I watched a young boy light up a reefer. Many of them were drinking beer. Most of them looked to be around sixteen.

I walked …fast.

Now, years ago, I would have called the police. But I didn’t. Why? I wasn’t as brave as George. I’m sure at least one of those young people saw me come out of my house, and my house would have been targeted. The police would have stayed out of it.

Nobody wants to cause racial riots, including the police.

I blame this on..Obama. Because he sides with the blacks. His silence is their ‘get out of jail’ free card.  

The Black Panthers have come out and put hit marks on Zimmerman. Eric Holder should have them arrested. So, even if, and when Zimmermann is released, he can never ever turn his back again.  Too many blacks want him dead. He is a marked man for trying to prevent a crime.

Really. Welcome to America.

If George Zimmerman, is killed, Nobody Thinks–that death falls on Obama. Plain and simple.  It’s his policies of racial division and economic Armageddon that have put many good citizens on guard.

Barry is being silent on all the black violence because they are his base.  He needs them.

Nobody Wins, when you have a President who is so lack of a moral base, that he will condemn an innocent man,  in order to get reelected.

Nobody Wins when that President, by his very actions and words, incites racial division.  

And Nobody Wins when citizens become too afraid to do what’s right, and to report what’s wrong, and that’s why Obama HAS to go.

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The Trayvon Gun Law—Watch for It.

Nobody Wins

Today is the two-year anniversary of Obama’s dictatorial power takeover of America’s healthcare. ObamaCare was passed in the darkest hour of the destruction of American freedom two years ago, and I had a whole blog in my head to put up about the whole issue. 

And then…Obama cleverly diverted the whole nation’s attention away from national debates about ObamaCare and turned us back onto “race” . The media focused our attention away from the important anniversery and onto how a young black boy, with candy in his pocket, was killed in Florida by man who had a gun.

The old bait and switch game…what else is new?

Obama made a statement today about the murder of Trayvon Martin because someone was planted in his audience to ask him about it.  Since Obama’s only card to play in this election is: “I deserve to remain in power because I’m black.” —Jesse Jackson and Obama’s old mentor, Reverend Farrak-you-ram  are in Florida with busloads of “protestors”  to rally against the atrocity of a young black boy being killed by a white person, who by the way…has turned out to be Hispanic. With one of his usual narcissistic statements Obama said,

“I’m the head of the executive branch and the attorney General reports to me.” He also had to add:”If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.”  


Oh..gee…is THAT why we should all care so much more?. A boy that LOOKS like Obama…is more special because he looks like the Messiah himself?

To a white person that says: If you are killed by a black person, you don’t count. If you are a black person and are killed by a black person, that doesn’t count either, because according to the FBI more blacks kill blacks.

In 2004, the data shows that for single victim/single offender incidents of which there were 3,067 Black victims, 92.2 percent of them, or 2827, were murdered by black offenders. Extrapolating for multiple victim/single offender incidents for the remaining 3,565 Black victims gives us 3,286 Blacks killed by other Blacks. So in one single year, Blacks killed more than 6,000 other Blacks. That’s right – in one year, Blacks have murdered more of their own than the KKK killed in a century and a half of lynching.

The reality is: the gang wars in LA between the Hispanics and blacks, or if you prefer,…the “kids” that look like Obama, have been dropping like flies in L.A. for YEARS.  The great black hope Obama has not even cared a bit about that war has he? I guess if murders are committed by gang members it’s okay, but when the citizen takes up arms…that’s a problem too precious to ignore.

Racist Mexican gangs are indiscriminately targeting blacks who aren’t even involved in gang culture, as part of an orchestrated ethnic cleansing program that is forcing black people to flee Los Angeles. The culprit of the carnage is the radical Neo-Nazi liberation theology known as La Raza, which calls for the extermination of all races in America besides Latinos, and is being bankrolled by some of the biggest Globalists in the U.S.

In one typical case,” writes journalist Brentin Mock, “Three members of the Pomona 12 attacked an African-American teenager, Kareem Williams, in his front yard in 2002. When his uncle, Roy Williams, ran to help his nephew, gang member Richard Diaz told him, ” Niggers have no business living in Pomona because this is 12th Street territory.” According to witnesses, Diaz then told the other gang members, “Pull out the gun! Shoot the nigger! Shoot the nigger!”

Obama chooses to ignore LA, because he needs the Latino vote. But in Florida on the other hand, he needs to shore up his base.  

Here’s the truth: The murders in LA where blacks have been murdered daily, did not fall on the Anniversary of ObamaCare and that brings me back to the blog I didn’t write.

The American people are having a hard time feeling that Obama cares about any murder, because Obama plans to kill off millions of American by denying then health care, and many of those people will be black. In the liberal mind this should be an alarm…because while they were all up in alarm about Sudan…liberals are willing to keep quiet about grandma being sent to the ‘hospice” to die.  

It’s should be called Obama genocide, not Obama care

Instead of having a sane world where any killing of anybody is considered abhorrent we have to give  a heavier card of blackness to any who is NOT black..targeting blacks. Simply because it can be used to keep the democrats in power.  

And one more Nobody Note: Since Fast and Furious didn’t work out for Obama and Holder, they need to not let this horrible killing go to waste. Nobody expects a mass movement to unarm the American citizen, in the name of protecting all those who look like Obama. I wouldn’t doubt if it will be called Trayvon’s law and his pictue will be blasted all over the world, because well…he does look like Obama. 

Watch for it.

If that happens, the rest of us who are not black…will just have to paint our faces.

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