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Newt: Eliciting the Future American Plantation

Nobody Remembers

In the last Republican debate, Newt Gingrich pretty much laid out his get election strategy. He’s going to go for the Mexican/illegals/let em stay here and have babies and vote for me/vote. Since Jews, and all the minorities, will vote for Obama, Newt knows he can’t count on the “White” majority to put him into office. Too many of them think he’s a Rhino (like me) and will just stay home. And the black vote? Forget it.

So Newt is doing what he feels is his best chance of getting the Mexican voter into the Republican camp. Evidently he’s been setting up his own outreach to Hispanics for years.  Whites now comprise 64 percent of the population of 310 million, but in 2041 they will represent less than 50 percent of a population of 438 million, and a much smaller share of the young. Hispanics will outnumber blacks two to one in the future, and someday, America will be Mexico. If you’re a White Elite politician, you’d better learn Spanish fast.

While it seems heartless to send people who broke the law, came into this country, and had children–back to the country where they came from, is it not just as heartless to make the native citizens PAY for the illegal’s medical care, schooling, and college tuition while their own kids don’t get the same chances? Is it fair to bring in the babies and pay for them on the backs of the natives? It would be as if American’s moved into Afghanistan, while the natives were made to work and pay for our kids, our homes, our food, and our educations.

The mostly white working class is being made to pay for this. Just because it makes politicians feel good about themselves, and gets them elected, doesn’t mean it makes it right.

I don’t actually think, if Ronald Reagan was alive today, he would think the invasion of Mexico would have been a good thing at all, not if the end game was the destruction of the America we all know. But then again, Micheal seems to think he’d be just like Newt. I was disappointed in Micheal’s short evaluation. Or maybe this was taking out of context.

To me this “good-hearted I’m a Christian and I would never hurt families” stuff is just another bunch of political meandering. Millions of American families can’t find work because of the jobs that have gone to illegals.  Worker permits could have been worked out a long time ago, but the fact is: BOTH parties want the invasion of Mexico. Bush set up the “free housing” program, as well as Barney Frank.  Both parties are trying to attract the masses of poor from Mexico. And when they all finally get here, and the whites are gone…Welcome home…Sweet plantation. ” Swing Low…sweet chariot…coming forth to carry me casa….”

America, is the bread basket. We..grow food. We need men and women to pick that food. And it’s going to get a lot bigger because the population of the planet is going to grow.

Nobody sees any difference in the slimy way Newt is trying to make us all feel guilty. …How could we do that to the old people? And take babies from their mother?

He sounds JUST like Nancy Pelosi. In fact, they’re  almost twins.

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  1. Twins?



    Comment by ldsrr91 | November 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. RINO


    Comment by Dandapani (@Dandapani) | November 25, 2011 | Reply

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