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Nobody’s Email: AR 1654…Not Just Your Average Sunspot

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If you’re like me, whenever I hear the threat of sunspot activity, I tend to think of my father’s acne. Just a tiny blimp on the surface of a bumpy face. But…this email puts the sunspot in perspective. These spots could swallow us! Aimed at JUST the right angle, we would be toast. The Democrats are working on spin at this very moment to blame any damage caused from AR 1654, the sunspot, on George Bush. And as usual, George Bush will make no comment, thinking wrongly, that nobody will believe the spin of the democrats, proving as fact, that George Bush has in fact, already been hit by AR 1652.  (Thanks to amfortas)

Like an enormous cannon that is slowly turning its barrel toward us, the latest  giant sunspot region AR1654 is steadily moving into position to face Earth,  loaded with plenty of magnetic energy to create M-class flares — moderate-sized  outbursts of solar energy that have the potential to cause brief radio blackouts  on Earth and, at the very least, spark bright aurorae around the upper  latitudes.

AR sunspot

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