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I love anything to do with airplanes. When I was 19, I wanted to learn how to fly a plane, but the closet I got to that, was a plane ride by a guy who took me up in his Cessa 150, under the promise that he would teach me the basics, and well…who knew that planes could go on autopilot while the pilot decides he wants his payment in a kiss? My excitement about going up in a plane, did NOT register my “Hey, how well do you know this guy?” mode in my brain.  I thought, since he was about 60, he had no interest in young girls.

Okay, laugh here. Or not. I was desperate. But, what was I going to do? Jump out? That wasn’t the first OR last time my desire to do something fun had gotten me into trouble.

That trip turned out fine, I managed to get by with just an unwanted kiss, and a great view of the ARCH. And since that time, I have stuck to the big planes.

Now, with that little warm-up story, here’s a few picture from a pilot to the other pilots that read this blog. It’s the Royal Air Force and the photographer wanted the plane to get closer and the email title was “CLOSE ENOUGH?”  (Don’t mess with the Royal Air Force)

(Thanks to amfortas, a pilot and lover of planes.)

Close enough onePlane threePlane twoPlane fourAnd also…how ABOUT landing on a glazier? Something my brave reader snopercod did just a few days ago….and it seems, nowadays, learning how to fly is not as expensive as it use to be, in fact, just like running for President, you don’t even need a birth certificate!

Who knew?

(Thanks to Snopercod for the video)

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  1. Aw shucks, it was nothing…especially since I had an instructor in the right seat screaming “MORE POWER, DAMMIT! PULL UP!!! PULL UP!!!”. It’s really a unique feeling watching the airport come up to you while level at 7,000′. It’s also a little strange to have to use full power to taxi to the parking area.

    While landing on Swiftsure glacier, I was concentrating so I blocked many things out of my mind… like the fact that we were 50-100 miles from the nearest civilization in the middle of Grizzly country for example. Sure, we had survival gear in back and I had several Slim-Jims in my jeans pocket, but what are the odds of a 67 y.o. man with bad knees walking out of there?

    The plane in the video belongs to Alaska Floats and Skis – the guys who taught me to land on a glacier – so although I didn’t fly in that particular plane, those skis are probably the same ones I landed on last week. They look real familiar. Gee, now I am wondering what happened to the other plane…

    Here’s another video from the same outfit:

    Like Frank Zappa once said, “Those mothers are crazy!”


    Comment by snopercod | March 10, 2014 | Reply

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