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Nobody’s Perfect: The Mayor of Baltimore

Nobody’s Perfect

I’m sorry. I can’t have my usual fun this week comparing two idiots, because this week, one woman alone stands out as being the most moronic mayor to ever run a city. Even by democratic standards she is beyond belief, because she basically gave permission for the black rioters in Baltimore to go ahead and destroy and loot. This Nobody thinks she just got off the phone with Obama, and didn’t realize (due to her own stupidity)  that she wasn’t suppose to literally repeat his words, but then— that’s me.

After that, within hours, Baltimore was on fire. Buildings are being burned, white people are being attacked and so far, 15 policemen have been injured…Fire in baltimore

Yes, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake either had a rather honest brain fart, and just got confused. Maybe she was thinking about her own kids at home, you know, maybe they throw tantrums and she just lets them run wild because she’s scared of them—OR— or she really MEANT what she said.

I think she meant it. She has complete sympathy for the rioters.  There is a reason for all of this, and it’s coming from the top.

Here we see the usual Obama “anger game” leaders posing for a picture on the streets of Baltimore. The Cripps and the Bloods got together with the Brothers of Islam: Great! Crips and Islam

If this spreads, then Obama will have to call in Marshall Law and Nationalize the police….which is his plan.

Why do I say this is orchestrated by our own President?

Check out this video, which was made long before the black riots:

So congradulations MS. Blake. You’re makeup looked great, but your brain was not working with your own lips…

You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for giving permission to “thugs” to destroy their own city.

While the rest of the world will always think you are a complete boob…I’m sure you’ll get over it. Obama has already forgiven you.

Baltimore protestors

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