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Nobody Wins When You Fight At Wal-Mart.

Nobody Wins

I used to love it when I was performing in bars….I really miss the people. These two women remind me of many of the customers that I used to see in bars…and every night some women who looked like these two, would want to sit in and sing…..after having about a pitcher of beer they became…brave, and would want to sit in and sing “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.

And then her FRIEND would want to do it. And then somebody else would want to do it.  I of course, encouraged it. I loved it. Easy money for me.

I loved it, not only because I could get a break and not have to do anything but laugh, but I was always amused at the sheer audacity of the women, who all thought, they sang Patsy Cline better than Patsy Cline. I would just play the keyboards, and have myself entertained.

And so, instead of having to write tonight, because it IS a beautiful summer night in St. Louis (yes, even in Ferguson the weather is great!)..and I want to go out and enjoy it…I’m going to let these good YOUTUBE  nobodies take over and do my work for me.

By the way…Wal-Mart has a policy for the security to NOT interfere with physical confrontations. Remember that when you go there.

I thought the funniest part was when the lady who was so disabled she had to ride the store in a scooter, then got up—- and you realized, she could have walked around the store.

Jesus! A Miracle!

Those disability checks have kept her in good health.

So, enjoy some of the comments from the peanut gallery…I sure did.

Who won the fight? From what I can see….Nobody.

Chris Geo 23 hours ago

Not sure what is sadder. The women fighting, the kid who’s being raised to be a thug, or the fact that everyone is standing around filming and not doing anything to stop it.


DERANKER 20 hours ago

When are we going to learn as a technologically advance society to turn our fucking phones horizontally when good shit is going down.


ickyd0821 1 day ago

This is obviously sad in so many directions. First off, mom, you are not raising your son right. Secondly, if you do not need a scooter, you should probably not ride around in one. Finally, instead of standing around letting a child see and be a part of this kind of violence, someone should have stepped in and stopped this, or do we even care?


umbo Gincredible 1 day ago

Still better than pacquiao vs mayweather


69SpaceOddity 7 hours ago (edited)

I feel bad for the bottle of Pert Plus that got thrown on the floor. It didn’t do anything wrong. It just wants to make your hair look nice…and these people said “no”.



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