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Is Ben Carson Jeb’s Ticket to the White House?

Nobody’s OpinionBen Carson book

It was funny I thought: When I walked into several local libraries last week, there it was, right in front of the entrance—Ben Carson’s book ONE NATION. And then I noticed, it was in all the book stores…and displayed at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. right up front where you couldn’t miss it.  When it comes to Wal-Mart and any other outlet store, we all know that companies PAY for this prime showcases, as in the grocery stores, the middle shelves and the checkout lines pay big bucks to display their items so that you notice them first. It’s all a part of marketing. You could say, that whoever published this book had thought of the perfect release date, and paid big money to get it noticed.

But the library? Who runs that? Why wasn’t Jeb Bush’s, Hillary Clinton’s, or one of the many books that Donald Trump has written, right up on the center display case With Ben Carson?

You tell me.

I dismissed the thought as just a coincidence until I noticed, that Ben Carson was being interviewed on ALL the cable and radio station last week. Coincidence? How can it be? When you hear every single pundit on all the radio stations DYING to get rid of the front-runner, Donald Trump, you can believe they want Donald out of the running so badly, they are promoting the second runner-up in hopes to destroy him.

Nobody Thinks this is the second strategy for the Bush camp. Jeb cannot even put a dent in Trump. They will promote Ben Carson, who they hope will knock Trump out of the race, and then Jeb will slowly move forward and they (Karl Rover and the Bush camp) think that Jeb could surely beat out Ben Carson, or they will ask him to be VP.  If I’m right, then Ben Carson will get some pretty good questions in the upcoming GOP debate this week.

After all, it’s being held at the Reagan library, and Michael Reagan has been especially nasty to Trump. I take Michael with a grain of salt because if you know much about Michael, he really didn’t spend too much time with his own dad. Reagan for whatever reason, didn’t spend great amounts of time with any of his kids as he was so busy.  He’s always comparing Trump to his dad.

The only way you can compare Ronald Reagan with Donald Trump is how they make you feel after you listen to them. BOTH men, gave you hope…..and there’s nothing more important to a dying country than that. What do you think Obama sold? Hope, which turned out to be Hell. Jeb Bush three

But, back to the upcoming debate. Looking at it from Jeb’s point of view, Carly Fiorina poses a much greater threat to Jeb than Ben Carson.  She’s smarter off the cuff for one thing.  Jeb is not a quick thinker on his feet.  Carly could defeat Jeb. I think they tried to get rid of her, by putting her in the second tier first time out.

She did so well…she just didn’t let them.

Another interesting fact that came out in the interviews this week is that Ben Carson is NOT this “Oh, I’m just a brilliant brain surgeon who decided to save the country.”  Oh no, Mr. Carson has been busy sitting on the boards of humongous companies, where I’m sure he was paid very well.  He said this of course because he wants America to think he knows business too.

Carson said his time on the boards of Kellogg Co and Costco Wholesale Corp, including on compensation committees, showed he had well-rounded experience.

“You get an enormous amount of experience doing those things,” he said, speaking on CBS after Trump.  In fact, if you go back and you look at the compensation of the top executives, it was really very reasonable, nothing like what you were talking about in the previous segment.”

I don’t know about you, but how do you go about getting on the board of Kellogg when supposedly, you just want to be a doctor? Clearly, Ben Carson..KNOWS the right people, and a position on Kellogg is reserved for only the few elite.  Which means— he is already hanging out with the people in  power while he is putting on this,  “I just decided to jump into this because I think I should.” ––which sounds so disingenuous.

Serves on the board of Kellogg?  Funny. A brain surgeon was sitting on the board of Kellogg, the same company that has put so much crap in our kids for decade after decade?Jeb Bush two

What did he do there?

After his Presidency, what other boards will he serve on? And while he claims to be ‘for the people’ ….the polls show nothing else but this: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are leading in the polls because the American people know that Wall Street, the Fortune 500 companies come BEFORE the American people. Congress works for them. Presidents work for them. And we are all tired of it.

And will those big companies continue to get tax breaks with Ben Carson? By what he has said so far….in my mind, yes.

Donald Trump, who as far as we know, spends all his time running his own empire said this:

“It’s disgraceful. Sometimes the boards rule but I would probably say it’s less than 10 percent; and you see these guys making enormous amounts of money. It’s a total and complete joke.” 

Well, here we go again. Ben Carson, is no doubt an extremely intelligent man. BUT…do I trust him yet? I’ll get back to you on that. I’d rather take a man who doesn’t sit on boards of companies and collect checks.

We live in a world where China AND Russia are sending nuclear subs to threatened us right off our shores. Will Ben Carson remain soft-spoken to them? Will they just laugh at him? They already have a soft-spoken man talking to them.

One thing that is sure about people who present themselves as being “perfect and humble.”–they are usually neither, and you find it out too late.

I’d rather have a Donald Trump, full on proud and ambitious. Full on ready to fight.

With Donald, what you see is what you get. And in this world of continuous political deception, frankly—-that’s refreshing.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens this week, but watch Ben Carson. He is the Rino’s Obi-Wan. Ben, is their only hope to getting Jeb the nomination.

Ben Carson might have risen up from poverty in Detroit.

But he went to Yale…Obama went to Harvard. ALL our recent leaders have come out of these hotbed global ruling institutions, and look where it’s gotten us….and here we see that the BUSH family has had their eyes on Ben Carson for quite some time. I’ll be watching to see if Dr. Carson attacks Jeb Bush in any way…..and I’m pretty sure, it’s NOT going to happen.

Here we go again.


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