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Geniuses Wants to Eat Themselves and Take Everybody With Them

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You have to wonder…all these tech geniuses are working on the next big fear of the human race: They are all building artificial intelligence. Stephins Hawkings

If the climate doesn’t kill us, than artificial intelligence will according to them all. That thought alone is driving them forward! Why yes! Let’s build something that could destroy the human race!

To which the ordinary man makes the more logical deduction:  “Well, then, don’t invent the stupid robot in the FIRST place, moron!”

You DO have a choice you know.

But, money and their own wonder of who is going to be the first human to build an artificial intelligence and be known forever as the next Steve Jobs, (ME! ME! ME!) is just too exciting to them: The money, and the ego is all you need: Damn mankind. Who needs them?

Stephen Hawkins has been the Al Gore of the “Death of mankind by Robots” scare:

'And then Dmitri noticed something that would have a profound effect on the human/robot wars.'

‘And then Dmitri noticed something that would have a profound effect on the human/robot wars.’

He warned of a technology that could “re-design itself at an ever increasing rate” outpacing human advances.

Eldo Musk, another billionaire, speaking at a symposium held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), described the dangers of AI.

“If I were to guess what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with the artificial intelligence,” he said. “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”

Along with his Paypal co-founder, Peter Thiel, and backing from Indian tech giant Infosys and Amazon Web Services, he has set up OpenAI, a nonprofit company that will back research into novel uses of AI and share the findings.

Beware of the words “non-profit” which is just another word for “tax exempt.”

When it comes to inventing new ways for them to gather big bank accounts, these guys truly are genius.

Let’s hope the first test robot gets quirky and decides to attack their inventors while they sleep…so that we can actually say, “Wow…they were right! AI is a dangerous thing. Now we know!”  



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