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Obama Promised to Stem the Ocean Tides: Hillary Promises to Cure Alzheimer’s

Nobody Knows

It’s been a while since I explored the vast Pandora’s Box of the unknowable Hillary Clinton, and for good reason too.Hillary six

I have nightmares.

Especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton, who is the queen of “keep your secrets forever locked” vault of corruption.

Hillary’s bathroom break during in her last debate, is all everybody is talking about, NOT her policies, which, who knows? Maybe that was a trick thought up by her advisers to make her appear stronger, more in demand, the QUEEN. Everybody in the crowd was going “Where’s my queen! Where’s Hillary! OMG…where is she? Is she okay?”

Dogs and kids pull this little trick off all the time. When they feel they are not getting enough attention, they disappear.

It’s in the Clinton “Art of the Deal” book, that will never be written.

Not many remember, but Bill Clinton ALWAYS kept everybody waiting for hours on end, no matter what. Hillary might have only been trying to drum up some drama and suspense to make the center stage look ’empty’ without her. It’s an old stage trick…make em’ wait.

She also does another little ‘trick.’ Watch for it. Whenever she appears before a crowd, she will point her finger as she walks out to someone in the crowd, wave, and smile big, as if she is saying ‘hi’ to a very dear friend. As if to PROVE she is loved and adored!  She does this 9 times out of 10…and Obama does it too. That’s another “Hey! There’s my very personal friend that LOVES me and see…I am friendly!”  stage trick.Hillary slap two

I will BET you there is not a person in that crowd that she is waving too.

Another ‘trick’ of Hillary’s recently, was to try to shift the blame of ISIS from her own failed politics’ in the Middle East as Secretary of State, to Donald Trump.  She does this all the time. Yes…ISIS is so pissed off that Donald won’t let them into the beloved United States, the land that they love, the land that they dream of coming to and living a peaceful life, that they NOW want to kill us, and are getting more jihadist to join via a video…which Hillary probably already has made up with the help of Steven Spielberg.

Hillary loves to blame video…it’s becoming a trademark of hers,…so one has to think that soon all ‘video’s’ on Youtube that Hillary doesn’t like will be erased forever, as soon as she become President.

Record them now, is my suggestion. Then hide that USB in Hitler’s bunker, which according to cable is somewhere in Argentina, where the Bush family might be able to find them.

And shall we mention the biggest trick? YES! Hillary got her daughter to have a baby at the beginning of her campaign AND have another one at the END of her campaign, and even dictate that she have another girl! Because it’s the year of the woman, and two little girl grand-babies standing onstage with grandma President will look so wonderful to the millions of grandmothers and mothers in the country, they will want to go out and vote for her.Hillary and Chelsea

If that doesn’t work, she will bring out Bill Clinton HOLDING those babies.

Yes, Hillary has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, she is doing so bad, that where Obama promised to stop the rising oceans, and pull back the tides and make the world a better place, Hillary is going to conquer—

Alzheimer! Hillary is going to cure it by cure by 2050.

Nobody Knows if this is because she has it herself, or because the right drug companies just gave her a big check, along with stock in their company.

You and I  will pay trillions for that research…and like cancer, it will never be cured.Hlllary clinton seven

Hillary is becoming Jerry Lewis, and I think it’s fitting that she lose, and become the poster woman for dementia.

Nobody Knows how I DREAM that would be the case.

Nobody Knows—- I have nightmares about Hillary Clinton. Hillary five




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