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Nobody Cares About My BEST Christmas Card!

Scan_20151226Nobody Cares…

If I tell everybody about my exciting Christmas Card that I got from Donald Trump today!

This wasn’t a video, or an emails asking for donations…NO! It was a card sent in the mail directly to me ( and probably every other republican) and there’s the picture on the front..

And inside it said:

                                        Merry Christmas


                                           Happy Holidays

                                    We are, together, going to

                                    Make America Great Again!

                                           I Love You All,

                                             Donald J. Trump      


Okay. I am now officially hooked.  So Mr. Trump, I’ve put your picture right above my computer for inspiration….this is REAL class.

Does this guy know what he is doing …or what?

I’m hooked.  In fact, I think I’ll write a book about WHY Donald Trump is the one man to save us all. 🙂

Thanks for letting me share my big excitement. Now, all I need is the winning Powerball ticket, so I can get started on that book…What? I’m going to need money…and food, and I’m going to lock myself in my room, I might need a new bed to put in the computer room for naps between pages…


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