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Every American Should Know the Story of Scott Bennett

Nobody Flashes

Here is an intelligence officer, who was put in jail, illegally by the Obama administration.

He has PROOF, that Obama and Hillary have been funding Isis.

AND…he is a devote Christian….he wants to expose them, and he needs our help.

There is no doubt, in my mind, that he is telling the whole truth. It a story, that I’m afraid is well known by most people, but we accept the corruption from all those politicians that do nothing. And we’d better start speaking out…and loud.

Every American, should listen to this…and figure out how to get his man’s story out. I just heard about it tonight.

If you tweet, be brave…..if you have any voice at all on the blogs…please, pass it around.

Scott’s story needs to be heard.

(Thanks to Mercer)


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