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Bernie Sander MIGHT Become President…Will the “Babies be Blamed?”

Nobody Knows

You have to love the hoopla today:Cruz vs rubio two

Mark Levine started out his radio program tonight putting down the media for saying that Trump was going to win Iowa, as if it was a personal insult to his intelligence. The word was all over today that Cruz’s victory speech wasn’t half as good as Rubio’s, and I can’t wait until Rubio talks to Cruz in Spanish….and they start getting into fights in Spanish.

I want to hear some Spanish, don’t you? Let’s get Jerry Springer to referee.

I just heard Shawn Hannity on the radio scold everyone who will refuse to vote in the next election if THEIR candidate doesn’t get picked. And WHY are we even talking about that now?

Evidently the elites are already worried that nobody will come out to vote for any GOP candidate after Iowa.  Personally, I think they are reading our emails.

He called us “babies.” because no matter WHO it is, we must go out and vote because to stay home would give Hillary the election.

BOTH Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have already said that Donald Trump will NOT be the candidate. So…who will be? Paul Ryan?

Besides, they said that very same thing when nobody wanted to vote for Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney. We didn’t stay home in the mid-term elections, and what good did it do? Not a damn bit of good.

I’m going to be a baby someday and call his show and say if I’m a baby then he must be a glowworm, and at least I’m a natural-born citizen and can now run for President.  Glowworms have no rights.

Frankly, all the conservative talk show hosts can call us “babies” all they want. The system is broken. Calling us names is not going to make us fear Hillary and go out and vote. We just saw what happened in Iowa..and we know Hillary would be the choice of Wall Street.

Have you noticed your local stores lately are closing down? Wall Street is closing Wal-Marts! What’s next? The Dollar Store? I’m not messing with em’.

I say we take a tip from the British and strip the Presidency of all powers. Let’s get rid of the office all together.  Think of the MONEY we’d save! We could have a contest for a really good-looking couple to throw parties for all the countries and Congress and just be hosts…like the Queen is. Or how about a lottery? Whoever wins draws the ticket can occupy the White House for a year and get paid. Or maybe we could just say we now claim our “undocumented citizenship of Kafkaland” and claim the whole Midwest as our country..

Speaking of Kafka.Bernie Sanders two.

Nobody really knows who won the Democratic primary in Iowa, but  almost nobody with a brain thinks it was Hillary Clinton. If I were Bernie Sanders I’d demand a recount. But then again, Bernie must not know anybody on the Supreme Court.  If Bernie loses he can always get a job at the University of Columbia in Missouri. Ferguson, Missouri is looking for a good mayor. He keeps saying he’s looking for a revolution, what a better place to start one?

All kidding aside, the whole Presidential election process has become a big money-making farce. When you hear Whoopi Goldberg say “WE THE PEOPLE” are deciding our fate” have to wonder what is shaking in underneath those dreadlocks.

Frankly, to this Nobody it looks like it’s all being staged.

The lengths they will go to convince the people that they are really in charge is beyond comprehension, until you comprehend what’s at stake for THEM.

Meantime: Obama is going to spend money to cure cancer and get the West Coast ready for the big earthquake that is coming soon. …which might happen RIGHT before the election.

I’m just saying…

And speaking of that…Nobody Knows why nobody is saying..”I’m just saying..” anymore?


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