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Nobody Remembers Slaves and Unions

Nobody Remembers

Michelle Obama used to brag about how her girls would be living in a house built by slaves. I have numerous books on the Adams family, and I’ve read most of them. And I remember reading how frustrated Abigail was on how slow the blacks worked on building the White House.

John and Abigail were the first to live in the White House, which was still under construction.

Remember: John Adams and his wife were the ONLY founders who did not, on principle alone, have slaves. So, where is John Adams statues?

Uh…do any blacks even MENTION him? ]


The ‘slaves’ that built the White House were paid, and housed to work, but they worked slowly: Abigail said this:

“Two of our hardy New England men would do as much work in a day as the whole 12. But it is true Republicanism that drive the slave’s half fed, and destitute of clothing…whilst an owner walks about idle, though one slave is all the property he can boasts.” 

Nobody talks about it, but in every corner of the American workplace as long as I can remember, employers have complained how ‘slow and lazy” all blacks usually are in doing every job. Not all of course, but it’s a stereotype. And yes, sometimes that’s true. Of course, there are whites that are “slow and lazy too.”, but they didn’t get the bad rap.

On the other hand, it’s heard all over the nation that the Mexicans are HARD workers. Blacks won’t work hard, but Mexicans will. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say this. The Mexicans have completely taken over the roofers jobs in America.

According to President George W. Bush, whites and blacks were even lazier. ONLY Mexicans would do the jobs Americans would not. That was his excuse for open borders.

Come on. Tell me you haven’t heard these remarks in your life when talking to other people.

Abigail went on:

She despaired that anything could ever be accomplished in such a society. “The lower class of whites are a grade below the Negroes in point of intelligence, and ten below them in point of civility. I shall bear and forebear.”

When reading this remark, I couldn’t help but think of an old boyfriend of mine. He was a Union worker at the local McDonald Douglass plant. Him and his buddy would BRAG about how they would get a job and goof off all week, slow the job down, (building the planes) so that they could get triple pay on the weekend to finish the job. This was VERY common. These were white guys. And their paychecks were huge.  And most every union guy did it.

Which brings me back to the “slave’ question.

One of the reasons so many of our companies decided to go overseas for cheap slave labor was because of …unions. This is also one of the reasons our government is broke. The unions and their workers just got too expensive.

People, whether black or white will do whatever they can to get that extra paycheck.

Politicians will do whatever they can to ‘get that extra million” Even lie, cheat, and kill to keep power.

And CEO’s will do whatever they can to get that extra “stock dividend.”

Even if it means paying cheap Chinese laborers overseas and erasing borders to get…cheap labor.

But the cheap labor is not cheap. Who pays for that cheap labor? You and I.

In the old days the cheap labor of black slaves, the slaves were not treated as humans.

But now, the slaves have it better. Now they get free education, free housing, free food, and politicians begging for their votes…whether black, or Hispanic.

And that seems to be the only difference now: NOW slaves can vote.

They can vote for all that ‘free’ stuff. Which of course, nothing is ever “free.”

There is always a price, and sometimes that price is a young child sitting in her bedroom and getting a bullet in the head in the South Side of Chicago.

I’ think I’m going for a drink now…..




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