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Tomorrow is it. The day the American people stand up to progressives in American who plan to hand over our country to China. A day that has been coming for a long time under the guise of globalization, and these globalists have used every insidious weapon against us all.

All of the reasons America should stand in line for HOURS to vote tomorrow have been expressed by our favorite few Pundits: Tucker, Hannity, Limbaugh, Levine, and Ingram to name just a few.

The American people tried to voice their opinions but were silenced.


The tens of thousands of great American patriots that have come out to see Trump, leave most of us very confident that Trump will win in a bigger landslide than Reagan did. The sheer magnitude of the crowds mean that America, yes, STILL wants their freedom.

And when was the last time you remember all the parades all over the country?

Not in our lifetime. It’s been amazing.

I was riding pretty optimistic tonight, and then I turned on the news only to find that that LAST three remaining malls in St. Louis are going bankrupt.

That will leave the millions of people who live here only: Wal-mart, the Dollar Store, and Amazon to shop. Or…online. And Amazon has plans to put Wal-mart out of business.

The schools closed and businesses having to do everything online?

Who benefits? Bill Gates.

Nobody Wonders just how much of this was part of the ‘takeover’ of the world plan. The Clintons, the Bushes, the Obama’s,…when did they all get together and plan for this New World Order? This “Third Way” of crony capitalism at the top for the few, and happy communism at the bottom for the rest of the world?

Probably for decades. And we were all kept in the dark until God sent us…Donald J. Trump.

What he has accomplished in just 3 1/2 years is probably enough not only to get his image on Mt. Rushmore, but to have his own image placed on his own mountain. I’m sure many people would give donations for that.

Sadly, the damage that has been done so far, to the whole world is endless.

And the damage has been done by our own politicians.

The wars. The borderless policies. The degrading of our schools.

Destroying America’s middle class. (Sigh) the list goes on and on.

I was so upset about what I was seeing, that I started blogging in the year 2000. That same year, Donald Trump wrote the book The America We Deserve.

So yes, the politicians knew he wanted to run. They just underestimated him…and thank God they did.

I always knew it would take a RICH man to beat the globalist’s criminals. And when Trump came along, I was sure he was going to win, and be the great President he is….because, Trump is just like the rest of us. He is hard-working, honest, real, and LOVES America. He is one of kind we will never see again.

Not to mention he has an IQ. Unmatched in his own right. A man of many talents.

I put him right up there with Thomas Edison.

Notice how they never talk about Edison anymore? Let’s see.. he gave us light, motion pictures, records, sound…and generators, and he even helped his good friend Henry Ford. And other stuff we are not even told about.

ONE MAN did that.

The elite WANT you to forget about him. NOW…its all about the collective.

Anyway, I was standing in line today at the local Dollar Store, and the black man in front of me said, “I hope they don’t start all that crap up again.”
But they will. It’s been planned no matter what.

They can have their reovlutions…and complelty destroy the cities.

It’s the CITIES they want. They plan to get rid of the states eventually. It’s the cities. All borders eventually. And so, they work on it step-by-step.

How STUPID are you to post your plans to take over Washington D.C., with guns and find Trump supporters and well… use guns.

How did we get to this absurd point in our history? While every station on TV keeps INSISTING that Biden is leading, no man or woman living today has seen this kind of massive crowds going to his rallies, can even believe it.

My husband asked his boss if he could get off at 2pm and vote. He has been working overtime for a month to cover for the boss who had Covid. Oh…he said it was like having a mild cold, but he had to stay away: rules you know.

But my boss told him “Hell no.”

Hong Kong Rallies for Trump…Freedom is wanted everywhere in the world.

So, we will be going late, and the line will be probably over 3 hours so I hope we get in.

Nothing short of a major earthquake could stop the lines tomorrow.

Wait. (I didn’t say that. X that.)

So, I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Stay safe everyone, and let’s stop the flood of tyranny ONE MORE TIME, and make Sam Adams Proud,

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