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It’s early here in Missouri, voting hasn’t stopped yet…and I’m am NOT going to stay up and listen to the ‘election’ results. Right now, Biden leads in electoral votes and ALREADY Pelosi will be running the House. EVERYONE on the media is hoping that Trump loses.

You can see it in their faces.

FOX just announced that The House will remain democratic. I’m not sure how they can do this so early in the game, but Fox has done it. Even saying Pelosi will stay speaker. Amazing. The western states haven’t even voted yet. I tell myself, “Just turn it off.”

But I’m down tonight for a different reason. Mostly for something VERY simple.

A few months ago, the old gal that lived next door to me for over 25 years, sold her house and moved into a nursing home. A young man bought it, moved his girlfriend and his sometime daughter in, and I tried my very best to welcome them to the neighborhood. But…the very first thing that he said to me was “When are you going to cut down that bush?”

I have a big bush over my driveway…it’s on MY property. I love it. That bush took over 60 years to grow. I told him, if he got lucky, maybe a tornado will take it out. Really. If he didn’t like that bush, WHY buy the house? Did he think all he had to do was ask me to take it out? So what if my house is covered with trees, bushes, flowers, fountains, it’s MY house.

What is WRONG with people? Besides, the whole neighborhood has VERY big trees in the yards. Almost everyone does.

But he doesn’t.

The next thing he said to me was that he was going to build a huge fence right down the side of our driveway, which would be stupid because the side of his house is literally 3 feet from our driveway. Frankly, I don’t think he can do it, because our property line is half of that space.

Now, we have a big tree over our driveway, and every year, the leaves fall down all over the driveway, and most of the time I can keep up with it. But this year, our city told us they no longer would do leaf pickup. And we pay for leaf bag pickup, but they have reduced our pickup allowing ONLY 4 bags instead of the usual 7. Every year, I bag up to over 40 bags, and put them on our front porch. It takes a while to get rid of them.

Very tempting

Besides that, our property taxes went way up, because we now feed the schools, breakfast, lunch, dinner, medical care, glasses, you name it, the old people that have lived here all their lives, and who have no kids, are being forced to pay for all their meals. Anyway….

I have a LOT of trees. And when it rains, I usually don’t rake. And it’s been raining here.  

But, I think I know what’s happened and why I’m down.

This morning, I put out a lawn signs: Trump/Pence. I was the ONLY one in the whole area with it. I live in a mostly democratic stronghold.

This afternoon, I looked out my window, and my neighbor was blowing all the leaves from my tree that feel into this TINY 3-foot area back into my driveway, he saw me and gave me the meanest look you can imagine. Like I can control the wind. Like I have time to go out every single day and pick up the leaves on the driveway.

He wanted to mow his lawn (He has a rider) and he rides up that little strip between his house and our driveway, and…the wind had blown leaves there.

Shit happens.

Tonight, we noticed he put up a camera…pointed right on OUR driveway.

When we moved in, he told us that if he saw a dog on his property, he would get his gun. We have a very small pup, and if that pup happened to do her business on his one foot next to his house, WE could be fined $500.

Why? His mother works for our city and so does he. I’m sure he plans to catch our poor pup in the act. I always pick it up, so I’m not worried unless he complains about dog pee. Which, last time I noticed, not something you can sue someone over.

Anyway, to end this story is, this guy obviously was angry that I supported the President and is bound and determined to ‘get me.’

What is WRONG with people? And how many of these nutcases are out there?

What’s in the water?

Which mean, somehow the deep state is doing their very best tonight to defeat Trump.

I just saw a sign on FOX.. TRUMP won Virginia by thousands of votes, and yet they gave the state to Biden.

As if, that was normal.

Will the media just put out whatever they want?

Didn’t Biden say they have the best fraud going for this election?


I’m going to say my prayers and go to bed. As bad a day as I had, I think the nation tomorrow will have it even rougher.

Clearly the cheating has just begun.

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