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Barr Drops His PANTS

Nobody Flashes

It was only a matter of time…the treason of Attorney General Barr. Today he came out and said he saw no evidence of voter fraud. Nobody wonders if he can even see his toes.

Spoken like a smooth criminal. Georgie Bush would be proud.

As Rudy Giuliani pointed out, of COURSE he didn’t, like a true thug lawyer, he didn’t even LOOK at any evidence so that he could MAKE that claim, without lying.

Hundreds of good patriot Americans, even a thousand, have come out to witness and testify to the cheating. The proof is overwhelming and so…like they always do, the deep state scumbag elites just come and say:

“Nothing to see here. No crime committed. And even if there was…you can’t do a THING about it.”

Trouble is, the American people know how corrupt they all are….Even BIDEN told us. And they said he was just having a bad brain day.

Barr has done nothing since he took over the job. All he has done was get paid to do nothing.

Must be nice.

Frankly, I think he should be arrested for WASTING millions of our taxpayers job, by not doing his job. Not only did he let Hillary slide, but the whole coup against the President.

Right now, I think the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department could be demolished and replaced by all good patriots who have lost their jobs. All good Americans who have been ostracized, beat up, and whose country has been damaged for decades by greedy men from Harvard and Yale, and yes, the British upper classes.

Let the people take over: Kick out the Kings and Queens of tryanny.

Barr is now the second most hated man in America. He dropped his pants, and let us all know finally that he is a traitor.

Whose the first?

Well. I’m taking names. Feel free to sound off.

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