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Nobody’s Perfect: Forgetting What Country he Worked for, Barr Solves Decades Old Crime…for Scotland.

Nobody’s Perfect

Wow. Stunner today. We found out, from Attorney General Barr, who has stayed hidden and obviously well feed for his whole tenure as Attorney General, and, who was, according to those who know, fired by Trump last week, HAS been very busy…working to solve the case of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1998.

So, it only took 21 years for the FBI and the Justice Department to find one guy: Abu Agila Masad. Barr was SO proud of everyone. So, THAT’s why he couldn’t get to trying to solve our countries problems. I mean, the first historical coup against an elected President. He couldn’t find the time to prosecute Obama, or Hillary, or Biden, or Hunter, or even the biggest fraudulent election in our history!!!

He’s been busy. First things first you know.

Barr did mention how proud he was of his friend Mueller, who worked on the Lockerbie case. And he also mentioned the great work of the FBI.

Sorry, pilgrim. If you think you’re little stab at Trump going out the door is going to make us trust the FBI, OR the Justice Department, or you for that matter, think again.

Barr stated how fond he was of Scotland. After all, he can play bagpipes! Which leads me to this recent bit of knowledge that very few know about.

It’s called “The Pilgrim’s’ Society and VERY few Americans know about it. But today, that’s exactly who Bill Barr was obeying: The Queen.

Below I copied some information about how the Brits, not only were behind the takedown of our President, but have many of their loyal subjects in the highest offices of our government. And it’s called “The Pilgrim’s Society.” And Barr, in on their list, along with others.

From American Intelligence


The Queen’s Monarch could not have some rogue nation like the United States upend British Empire world domination so they tried a new strategy – infiltration. This is how they wiggled their way into our bureaucracy (Senior Executive Service), ((BARR)) our military and patent office (SERCO/Qinetiq), our media (Empire Press Union of 1909), and our spy network (Five Eyes is the British spying on the United States). Additionally, our Courts and Legislatures are filled with British – China operatives which are British-American Pilgrims.

What most folks don’t realize yet, but will soon enough, is that the Queen ordered (through her Privy Council proxies) the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a deed that was carried out by crown agent Allen Dulles. Kennedy was set to expose the secret society known as the Pilgrims and the evil Federal Reserve banking system to the entire world, but the Queen had already deployed her silent armies throughout the United States by then. So they shot him. The Queen of England commanded the murder of an American president.

Since then the British enemy lodged itself ever deeper into our internal affairs to this day when we see Mark Malloch-Brown’s corrupt election system all over the world, rigging elections everywhere to favor the Queen and the British Empire. Of course, in their arrogance to name their system, they give themselves away – DOMINION.

The leader of the British Pilgrims Society, Lord Victor Rothschild is known as the father of modern biotechnology. He provided most of the seed venture capital in both Britain and America, that focused on the gene manipulation being undertaken in the mRNA “vaccine.”

The damage they are producing already violate the Nuremberg Code and will only get worse.

It is not an accident that the voting system is called DOMINION. “Dominion” is actually a legal term that the British use to mark their territories.

It’s no coincidence that Mark Malloch-Brown (Pilgrim and Privy Council) is the head of Dominion as well as Open Society Foundation and is trying to usurp American sovereignty with a fake voting system in order to absorb the United States into their New World Order.

British Dominion received $400 million a month before the election.

We told you so. Bill Barr is Senior Executive Services. SES are crown agents engaged in an overthrow of America.

Beleiver it or not. Nobody’s Perfect, but I think Fat Boy was content today to put another arrow into Trump, and instead, try to get brownie points from his real master…the Queen

Sound crazy? At first I thought so too. But today, Barr convinced me, that it’s probably true.

Add England to the global NWO takeover. Will China be their puppet? Or vice versa?

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