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Nobody Knows What a HUGE Fan I am of Ben Garrison

Nobody Knows

I get some pretty interesting emails…and one of my favorites is from the absolute master of cartoon satire and wit, Ben Garrison.

If you subscribe to his emails, you get to see his latest artwork, each one worth a frame and he is always dead right on with what’s happening. Sometimes, he writes a bit of a comment.

Today’s comment was REALLY special. In fact it was so great, I decided to lead all my readers to it.

Ben sums up my Nobody feelings in every word…I’ve copied the main part here.

If you don’t get this man’s incredible work, you really are missing something. Ben is a REAL patriot, with brains, talent, and guts galore. Every day, he brings me hope, and wonder about HOW does he do it?

Be sure to check out all his stuff…you won’t regret it. He’s worth your time and then some.

Now for last night’s email:



It’s real and no longer a ‘conspiracy theory.’ The Swamp is composed of both elected and unelected decision makers, military men, bureaucrats, and mega billionaires who make decisions that directly impact our lives.

Also in existence are The Rockefeller, Clinton, Obama, and Gates foundations, which provide money, resources, and influence to sway citizens in favor of globalist goals. Then there are outfits such as the Tavistock and Pirbright institutes that push goals of control. Davos, the UN, the Bilderberg Group, and the CFR meet regularly and set goals that are unencumbered by something as quaint as voting. Yes, the Deep State Swamp exists. It is deep, vast, powerful, and very wealthy.

We know The Swamp and their operatives consider themselves above the law. They got away with an attempted coup against our president. They are shielded by over-paid, propaganda-spewing media giants who masquerade as leading journalists.

They only care about themselves and protecting their own power. Many Americans already knew this—that’s why we elected Trump in the first place. In 2020, Trump won again—this time by a landslide. The Swamp didn’t care. They flipped the votes over to their ‘big man,’ Joe Biden, and brazenly stole the election.

The evidence for their crime is massive, but The Swamp doesn’t care. Their gaslighting media whores repeatedly say there is no evidence.

For years the Deep State has been slowly turning up the temperature on us citizen frogs. In 2020 the dials were suddenly all thrown on high. They pushed socialism. They supported and funded riots in the streets. They wanted our American history erased. Statues were pulled down. They rolled out a pandemic to separate us, mask us, silence, and impoverish us ahead of their outrageous theft of a presidential election.

2021 is nearly upon us. Time is running out. The criminal Deep State Swamp, aided by China, won’t allow Trump to get justice. Will their election coup stand? Will patriots in the military come to the president’s aid if he declares martial law? That remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, we Trump supporters burn with anger.

—Ben Garrison

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