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Add Military Coup to their Crimes

Nobody reports

Not only did Obama weaponized the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the media and the NSA, to make sure Trump did not win the election, now we find out that Obama ordered Milley to call China and tell them that he would call them if Trump was going to attack them. Add that to his list that that he insists all the whites in the military are a danger, and everyone in the military should be vaccinated (but not the beloved Congress and Obama’s NBA) General Milley is responsible for the defeat in Afghanistan, and as President Trump says, handing over billions of dollars worth of military equipment.

Milley works for China. Or Obama works for China. Hell, all three of our past Presidents seem to work for China.

Here, President Trump tells the real story. Clearly, if Trump did NOT leave, the military would have gone in and took him out.

That PROVES a coup. Since he left, it didn’t happen. But they were ready to do it, and if you remember, Pelosi even threatened it.

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