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SEX OR RACE?: Pick a Card

Nobody Wins

When the politicians keep playing the SAME old ‘got cha’ political cards to destroy their opponents.

We are all familiar with the ‘race’ card. Obama played it over and over until half of America was convinced all whites were racists, and so, affirmative action wasn’t enough. Whites had to be punished for their whiteness. The irony of it all, is that no white could refute this because Obama was BLACK, and to refute even that lie (He was half white) was to be ostracized and hung out on the branch of bigoty for all to condemn.

But there is another card played to destroy and control, and that’s the ‘sex’ card. To both political parties, it works just as well as the race card, if not better.

They just got rid of Cuomo with it. Clearly, the party wanted a woman in charge.

(sorry, I had some great pics but they would NOT let me load them)

When any party wants to get RID of a politician, or a judge, or a President, they play…the sex card. Bill Clinton was impeached for it, instead of what he should have been impeached for, which was making sure China and North Korea had the technology to put the United States into the dark ages.  Monica was the least of our worries. Not to mention, once we all got to know his wife, we could almost see why he wanted to get away from her. That doesn’t make it right. What was wrong is his continue denying it, and carrying on his affair in the Oval Office. Of course, I’m sure if we knew, he wasn’t the first President to have sex outside of his marriage in that office.

And we all remember the sexual lynching of Kavanagh.

Here in Missouri, they got rid of our X Navy Seal governor, Eric Greitens, who was the best governor we had in a very long time. He had an affair with his hairdresser? Okay. Isn’t that between him and his wife? He honestly admitted it. Which is why I am voting for him again.

Who remembers JFK having sex three times a day with just about anybody he could find? Clinton was the same. Sure, they were hound dogs. Clinton was accused of rape. But JFK turned out to be a better President than Clinton. He was killed for it too.

And then we get to President Trump. Before he even got into office, he was famous for divorcing his wives for younger women. But to Ivanka’s credit, she stayed friends with Trump and they raised fantastic kids. They tried to pin a sex scandal on Trump early on, but it didn’t stick.

Why? Because America was sick to death of what Bush and Obama had done to the country. And he ran against Hillary. We didn’t CARE about sex scandals. Trump had been tared and feathered for YEARS in all the papers, and we wanted…. a businessman. We liked what he  said, and what he said he would do, and he did it. Truly, the man loves America and the country, and he shows it.

Unlike most of the politician’s getting rich off of sucking us all dry.

Still, I know way too many women, whose husbands divorced them and moved on with other woman and THOSE women, redirected this image of Trump being “One of those men” onto Trump. All the hatred they have for being betrayed by their former husbands, has been redirected onto Trump.

When Bush released the tape of Trump remarking that so many women throw themselves at him that he could grab them by the ‘pussy’, anyone with any sense took it as he was surprised that so many women would do such a thing. Besides, it was a PRIVATE conversation. And to Trump’s credit, (or innocence) he probably thought Bush would never in a million years record or publish it.

Now, what’s worse: A man like Joe Biden who sniffs little girls at every turn, and gives the China over to Russia? Or a man who is basically a typical man, brought up in the porn infested America, where men ALL OVER THE WORLD talk like that, at least sometimes.

Any woman that has been around men, well, let’s say we don’t take it seriously. We know, it’s the ‘bonding’ done by men, and they hide it most of the time. They joke around and go home to their wives and kids. I’m not saying it’s right, but I doubt there is a man walking the planet that hasn’t talked like that to other men.

I’m reading one of Glenn Beck’s books right now, and Glenn thinks Trump is a scum bag moralistically. Well, I remember listening to Glenn one day on his radio program going on and on and on about the sexy Jessica Alba and how he would love to mmmmm….and I remember feeling sorry for his wife. How she must have felt listening to her husband lust after some movie star for an hour…So, what’s that expression? Don’t cast the first stone there Glenn.

Glenn likes to present himself as all moral, with high integrity. But I remember the horrible things he said about Trump during the election. He traveled the country with Ted Cruz.

What Ted Cruz did to Trump in Ohio, putting out a picture of Melania almost nude to try to hurt Trump in Ohio was NOT moral. It was…pretty low.

So, as a Nobody Citizen of America I think that it would be wise to go back to NOT playing either card, sex or race. What’s important is the job they are doing for us.

Nevertheless, it’s entranced into our political airwaves, isn’t it?

Sure, we want a man to be faithful to his wife. It shows integrity. But I’d rather have a President Trump who is shocked about how women throw themselves at him any time of the day over a man like RINO Ted Cruz who got up on the podium at the GOP nomination for Trump, and told people basically to NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP.

That was not moral, it was sleezy. It was…arrogant.

SEX, should be a private matter. And yes, if there is rape, we should know it right away, and that man should be put in jail. Yet, Bill Clinton walks free.

Bill Cosby walks free.

And since the news now is all about ratings and power, this Nobody, will look at the man’s record.

And President Trump’s record was the best we’ve had in probably all our history.

He’s smart to keep it in our memories.

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  1. Amfortas, I TRIED to post your music, and I am having a lot of problems with Word Press. I will do it IN a blog on Sunday if I can.

    Bear with me. I have no idea why WordPress is being so difficult to navigate, OR what’s happening.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | September 20, 2021 | Reply

  2. Sound thinking Joyanna.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 18, 2021 | Reply

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