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Nobody Flashes Dogs Visits the Vet

Nobody Flashes

Let’s start off the New Year with some laughter— Right? It’s going to be a tough fight this year to try to get back control of our own lives, so, humor many be needed from me more than usual.

And there is a reason people will spend hours watching cat and dog videos. Who would you rather spend time with…Joe Biden or your dog? Many of us would go nuts without our pets to sustain our sanity when the people around us are completely wacko.

And then…there’s the vet visit.

Anybody with a dog, knows visits to the vet can be…full of anxious pups with anxious owners, trying to tell the dogs that everything will be okay.

They know better. AND this is proof that THEY REMEMBER! A whole year later, they remember what you did to them…at that horrible vet office.

Which makes them smarter than cats.

Since people can’t afford to have children and pay the rent anymore, many have opted to just get a dog.

Dogs are full of emotion, energy, and nobody is more loyal to you than your dog. Your dog will love you as long as you feed them. Period.

Just don’t piss them off.

They might pee on your bed.


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