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Nobody Flashes the Rulers

It’s best to know what we are up against. The few men who plan to rule us all.

For instance, since all the small businesses have been shut down for over two years, the only place I have left to shop is Wal-Marts. We have five in St. Louis. BUT…because of China, Wal-Mart’s shelves have often times been empty. Which leaves me no other option than Amazon.

Spending HOURS trying to find certain items that were once there for the taking, have been given to the richest man in the world. If you are out traveling around, you don’t have much time to do much else.

Jeff Bezos. Who just gave over $100 million dollars to Obama. (NO idea why) And now he is selling tickets to communists and liberals to go up and come down and PROMOTE his 10 minutes rocket ride.

If you watch this video, you will find out, that the American Dream…is not what it used to be. It’s still being promoted. Just like when you turn on your TV and everything seems normal, right? And then you go out your door, and go…uh…what happened?

Like ReallyGraceful says: The men in charge have been groomed and picked for the “GREAT RESET” and this has been going on for quite some time.

Don’t miss this lady, she really truly does outstanding research and will open your eyes to reality.

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  1. Interesting. First: The Post-Dispatch is pretty much the CNN of Missouri. It’s trash.

    When I went to READ this article, it was blanked out. They won’t let you read it….Clearly Jack is a liberal. Having said that, I think it’s a very typical story of a corrupt governor trying to silence his opposition. The people in MO could care less about ONE reporter, our food prices, our gas prices, COVID…after all, OUR SS numbers are sold everyday around the web by Zuckerface and just about everyone. And the teacher unions are Nazi’s here, so forgive us if we really don’t care.

    But he is right. The guy did a great service…so why the prosecution?

    When it comes to Parson, he’s an old farmer and probably a Rino. Our last governor was much loved here, XNAVY SEAL Greitens, but he was kicked out for having an affair with his hairdresser and they got him on other nonsense.

    Here’s what they do most everywhere. The GOP you THINK are representing you, are really not. Most of our governors have been RINOS, OR in the Case of Claire Macaskill, a democrat posed as a conservative. We were ALL Shocked with our Senator Blunt was the first to go after Trump on January the 6. WHAT? Traitor!

    They talk the talk to get elected. But they ARE controlled by the head globalists. (Or the Bush family) It’s much the same in D.C. You can elect who you think is great, they get there, and they have to follow the few leaders who are in total power at the top. Missouri is an important swing state, and mostly votes for GOP…but we seem to ALWAYS have democrats at the top. And that is planned, and rigged it seems every single election.

    THEY have controlled outcomes for quite some time, making the public seem that these politicians are for real.
    BUT, they can turn on a dime. In Missouri, usually one family stays in power for decades. Carnahan was replaced by his wife. Look at Canada. Or California, Nancy’s nephew. Or here, the Blunt family. The same families run for office, and win.


    Go defend a reporter for the governor coming after him? I’d rather spend my time in opposition of the 300 Americans in jail in DC with no trial, no crime committed, being treated worse than any terrorist, and every Trump supporter being called a terrorist.

    But hey, thanks for the video! I love when you guys post videos!


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 4, 2022 | Reply

  2. Oh please Mr Prosecutor, bring charges against that hapless reporter. It will be that Rittenhouse trial all over again. I’m sure the taxpayers will be delighted to see their monies go to a good cause when the fellow sues for damages.


    Comment by Amfortas | January 3, 2022 | Reply

  3. Have you heard about this story in your state. Is your governor that b ad?


    Comment by Tim | January 3, 2022 | Reply

  4. You do know about Walmart, do you not, Joyanna? How they kill businesses in small towns? I posted about a decade ago on them.


    Comment by jameshigham | January 3, 2022 | Reply

    • Oh yes, and it saddens me to say that Wal-Mart was helped for MANY years by Rush Limbaugh. He used to pontificate about how the people complaining about Wal Mart putting mom and pop stores out of business were silly, and now Americans could get MUCH cheaper prices there.  Rush worked for George W. Bush and the globalists for way too many years. He was just too thrilled that George W. gave him a birthday cake.  Here, they’ve put just about everybody out…even the big stores like J.C. Penny, Sears, K-mart…Sports Authroity.  Very sad. Hey, post a link to your piece James, or send it to me in an email, I’d love to post it. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 3, 2022 | Reply

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