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Omicron: Bill Gates Guru of the World

Nobody’s Opinion

It used to be that Nastradamus was the lord and master of all prophesies, but now we have Sire Bill Gates, ruler of the NEW WORLD, BUILD BACK LIKE CHINA BETTER, guru of …what? Global Genocide?

Yesterday I was at my local vitamin store, searching for something to make my husband and I feel better. The lady who runs the store said two of her customers were killed in the hospital. They were put on respirators. Her friend, who is a nurse said little kids are being killed with the vaccine.

So, do we have Covid? Could be. My husband came home from work and hasn’t been out of bed for three days. Typical flu…BUT…I was fine. Until he got up one morning and hacked all over the room and bed and within hours, I was sick. That’s how FAST I caught it. Let me remind everyone that I’ve been in and out of all stores for two years and haven’t gotten sick.

This isn’t your normal flu. If there is any reason in the world to believe that this Wuhan virus, along with the already patented vaccine, was lab designed and meant to not only kill off a lot of the world’s populations but give the people who have basically kept the rest of the world in poverty with the help of bankers and politicians rich…., they don’t want to be found out. Or held accountable for their crimes.

Remember, Bill Gates next meeting was to destroy the world’s economy and have everybody eat fake meat.

I went shopping tonight and bacon was on sale” Only $9.00! ” Meat was unaffordable, so I moved to the protein bars…oh for 8 bars you pay, $12.00 Really?

Even fake protein in a fake bar will break you.

Why do they want to get rid of protein? EVERYBODY needs LOTS of protein. Without it, your brain and body will…get sick. They want a dumbed down, ignorant and lazy, population dying off sooner than later.

Was the omicron virus IN the vaccines? Gates lies big time when he says nobody vaccinated will die from the virus.

Well, how the Sam Hill can he even SAY that? Data proves different.

What these elites have done is certain war crimes against humanity.

Yeah, the people are protesting all over the world, but soon, they will be too hungry to protest.

That’s the treat from Biden. That’s the threat from Bill Gates.

And tonight, as I take my over-the-counter sleep medicine, I will say a prayer that the WORLD wakes up from this madness that is being forced upon us all.

Robert Malone said the other day that he thought just about everyone would get the virus.

Did he get the news from Bill Gates?

Nobody Knows. And Nobody Knows WHEN the world will stand up to the current Hitler of our world:

Bill Gates. How many more will die due to his…insanity?

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