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Nobody’s Fool: Neil Oliver

I was watching a documentary on the Gambino crime family today and found out that there WAS a gathering of all the heads of ‘MAFIA” families from all over the United States. There were 100 Gansters that attended. It was at some small farmhouse in the upper East. J. Edgar Hoover raided it.

So, what happened to all the crime families? They don’t exist anymore. (Laugh here)

Nobody Wonders: If over 100 of the richest and most murderous criminals in the U.S. can get together in one place to talk about ‘business’ why can’t the richest of the world get together and do the same?

Nobody Thinks that this man has the answer, one that seems so obvious even a 6th grader would notice.

For years, these vast elites, CEO’s, Politicians, have been meeting in secret meetings at Davos, Bilderberg, the Economic Forum, The EU…meeting in secret to plan to take over the world.

But WE don’t have a Hoover to bust them up.

Neil is man after my own heart. What they are doing is criminal.

And because they all have so much power, most are afraid to REALLY take a stand against them.

But Neil, does a good job. He IS Nobody’s Fool for the week.

The other video is interesting because notice the doctor would NOT reveal the lab which this new Omicron virus escaped from. Proving my point. It wasn’t only the Mafia that could get people killed.

Could it be its funded by…Gates?

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  1. Neil Oliver is fine defender of freedom. Measured and firm. More power to his elbow.


    Comment by Amfortas | January 12, 2022 | Reply

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