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Nobody’s Fool: Mark Levin

When it comes to the law, nobody beats the mind of Mark Levin. And then, when he gets going, it’s like a cresendo of a perfect brain explosion of magnificence. Like the end of a Beethovan Ode to Joy.

Don’t miss this great rant. It starts out slow, but…Mark ALWAYS delivers the best punches.

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  1. It is odd and almost funny, perhaps. Definitely tragic.

    Many people around the Western world and beyond have grown up with the idea of America and its socio-political organisation to be a cut above everyone else’s. Yet we are daily, for many a year now, been assailed by clear evidence of the rot in America’s heart and soul, and in its mind.

    America has not only become rotten at its core but seems unable to do anything but whine about it. Mr Levin is at the fore of those shouting until he and others are hoarse about the corruption. Quite rightly too. More power to him. But what is being done about it.? Sod all as far as I can see. The use of force is going to be necessary, and the power in control of such force seems to be in the hands of the rotten so far.

    Were I American I would be preparing for civil war. Not that I would want it. But there is an inevitability in events. So I would probably be preparing to initiate it rather than have it thrust upon me by the minions of the rotters. Someone is going to start it and it should be the good people rather than the bad. If they do not, the bad will.


    Comment by Amfortas | May 3, 2022 | Reply

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