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Nobody Wonders: Abortion Rights? Again?

Nobody Wonders

Here we go again: The war of the ‘right to choose’. Abortion is on the docket at the Supreme Court. What’s not on the docket is just how much money Biden has given countries all over the world to pay for abortions. No, we won’t mention that. The elections are more important.

Could this have been planned more perfectly?

First: Denise D’Souza’s new film 2000 mules where he proves that the election was stolen, complete with video’s of ‘mules’ stuffing Zuckerburg ballot boxes in key states, while not being shown on any major outlets, nevertheless, millions of people will see it. Of course, anybody with a brain knew it was stolen, but having a film show the cheating? Not good for Hillary or the democrats.

 SO…to war we go:

The democrats send in the machine guns:

SECOND: The night before the showing Hillary Clinton comes out to the MET ball in a stunning royal dress, looking the best she has looked in years, posing as the woman’s representee of the Queen of woman’s rights, and ready to fight to be the first woman president and save all the lonely women on the planet.

 Isn’t she lovely? That picture was plastered everywhere.

THIRD: A once in history leak from the Supreme Court, of an opinion from a justice, that the democratic women’s cry for “right to do with my body what I want”, the illegally passed Roe VS Wade, was not Constitutional, will start the fight that will ensue right up to the midterms. The final blow into the midterms and the “WE MUST NOT HAVE TRUMP AGAIN” election.

It’s the last big bomb in the progressive gun to make ALL the woman forget about the price of gas, diapers, baby food, their future will depend on…

HILLARY to save them.

Uh, will it work?

Wait. You don’t think they are going run Hillary again? George W. Bush would love it. So would Turtle O’Connell and Pence. They are all ready to pounce on the fight, to show the pros and cons, and keep up the money right up to the last minute. After all, they’ve waited HOW many years to take up this subject?

I’m sick of the fight already, and it’s only been one day.

This abortion rights fits BOTH the RINOs and the Progressives to beat Donald Trump. Funny, isn’t it? The Supreme Court couldn’t even take up the biggest fraud in American election History, submitted by over half the states, but Roe VS Wade? Oh, this is the perfect time for it. High food, gas, nuclear war…threats of another pandemic, what a better time to get that all off the networks.

It’s right up the political alley. Think of the money that will come into all the media stations with the big NEW fight going on day after day, after day: Right up until the midterms.

ONE DAY went by: And the mob was out with their pickets.

As for the abortion rights: I grew up when the ‘sexual revolution’ came into the country from the communists getting into our universities, selling “free sex” and the “women’s right to her own body” and the media was in full force of destroying the family, men’s rights, the lawyers getting rich off divorce, children being aborted or raised by a single mom, who didn’t HAVE the money to have too many children…(Unless of course you were black, on welfare, and voted democrat.)

And yes, it angers me that NOBODY talks about the huge gargantuan Wale of an elephant in the room which is:

ABORTION: When it comes to abortion, ask the women: It’s the economy stupid.

So, all those orgasmic sex-filled movie promoted sex filled nights with no responsibility to the man really, but the woman gets to raise the children. After all, why should the men lose their hard-earned money to someone he just wanted to have sex with?

But one catch: raising a child is VERY expensive now. And women, by nature alone, tend to fall in love. They WANT marriage, love, children, family. I don’t care WHAT kind of BS they say.

Taking that notion out of them has not been easy, but the propaganda has been VERY successful.

Abortion is murder. But it’s a very lucrative business for Bill Gate sand his buddies. And let’s not forget the aborted babies stuff goes into the vaccines—How cool is that?

The whole Planned Parenthood, ‘destroy the family’ and let the woman raise the kids didn’t work so well for most western nations. As Elon Musk has pointed out: We didn’t have ENOUGH babies.

Whose fault is that? (Wow, there’s a big blog.)

MILLIONS of women were told to have their babies and give them up to adoption. Uh…I mean, it’s not a baby yet, so get rid of it and live your life. He’s not marrying you.

How many men, would have gone through 9 months of feeling a child in their belly and then see it, and THEN give it up?

Calling Glenn Beck. You want to answer that?

The whole argument from men, who by the way, have no idea what the woman goes through when they get pregnant and have NO support system, but DO know and are outraged by the whole thing, somehow dismiss the fact that it takes TWO to make the baby.

Either find a way, with a charity to support the woman who have the baby with extra money, and help her, or MAKE the man responsible pay.

Better yet, find fathers for these poor kids. BETTER yet, bring back religion and marriage.

The state made sure both were destroyed.

The whole ‘feminist’ movement brainwashed women to the absurd idea that it’s THEIR body and if the man wants the child, it’s HER decision. Or make him pay.

But Nobody wonders: Has this great aborted baby factories, where millions are made off aborted babies, been a well thought out plan by those Bilderberg evil scions?

Sure it has. Some states even want to kill the child AFTER it’s born.

Why? The organs are worth more. It’s that simple.

Ever read “It takes a village by Hillary Clinton?”

Millions of babies have been aborted. And we hear the screams of mostly sad and naive young women crying for the ‘choice’ because God forbid, she gets a date, has sex, and comes up pregnant.

Isn’t he supposed to love me she asks?

Nope. Hey baby, its YOUR body not mine.  

And that’s why the morality of the Church was so very effective.

And THATs why they are destroying it.

Nobody Liked DeSantis ruling in Florida. But he seems to be on the right track as usual.

I’m not ready to hear this ‘Back-alley abortions’ once again, are you?  

Nobody Thinks that MOST women want babies. It’s mother nature. And I’m shocked that so many women have been brainwashed to not have them.

And then, when they get old, they die…. alone.

And wonder…why? Why? Why wasn’t I loved enough by one man?

Let’s ask Hugh Hefner: Wait…he’s dead.

Sorry. There’s always Beyonce.

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