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Nobody Reads

I was only nine when my grandfather bought a subscription to National Geographic. He told my parents he brought it for my brother and I, but I never saw my brother open one…or read one. Me? I read every single issue. I kept up that subscription until Gilbert Grosvenor was retired. (1875-1966) After that, around 2000, I stopped. I couldn’t take one more picture of a trash dump in some South American city. It became the propaganda arm for global warming, and human horror. Before that it was a celebration of different cultures, mysteries, histories, and maps. I hated to even open one. I was as mad as hell.

They had ruined my treasure.

When Obama was President, he cleared out the libraires, and turned them all into computer hubs. There was a huge sale on all the books…including old issues of National Geographic, and I went crazy, as you can see from my little Egyptian Library.

Whole sets of books were being sold for two to three dollars. And then quietly, most of the bookstores closed. Nobody really knew why.

If knowledge is power, then the elites were planning on NOBODY being able to have books. On the computer, you can control what everybody reads.

Don’t tell me that wasn’t a plan.

I’ve been so busy with my life, I’ve had little time to read any books from my library, and yesterday, just for grins, I grabbed a NG mag at random. February 1989.

I started reading about SKYSCRAPERS: Above the crowd. Donald Trump was mentioned with admiration throughout the piece, and the article spoke about how there isn’t much sunshine in New York because the Twin Towers pretty much blocks it all. There were pictures of the architects and there were maps of all the famous skyscrapers in the U.S. and I started thinking about: Dubai.

Funny, Dubai is the skyscraper capitol of the world now. And it was the Saudi’s who took out the Twin Towers.

What? Was it all about the “MINE IS BIGGER”? Makes you wonder.

Nobody Wondered: Were there skyscarpers in Dubai in 1989?

How times have changed. Next to Dubai, New York looks old.

I started thinking  about how LITTLE our cable and TV networks show us about other countries. If they do, it’s VERY fleeting, as if they don’t want you to SEE the money and beautiful buildings in other countries.  Like the huge skyscrapers in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. When the Twin Towers were destroyed then DUBAI became the capitol of the skyscrapers. New York was no longer numero uno. You must admit, in 2022, the skyscrapers here are old, outdated, and empty.  Our wealth is gone. Mostly to Dubai: To China.

I often ask myself who BUILT those skyscrapers in the other countries—American companies? I couldn’t find out.

But, one thing I had never thought about, as I read this:

“The stores they tore down were where the people gathered. They were the plazas. We don’t have piazzas in New York. We have a dry cleaner and a bar and a grocery store and a deli. These new towers with their plazas deaden the block, creating a barrier, a moat of lifelessness. This has literally drained the life out of certain neighborhoods and the upper East Side for example. “

Now, think about what the U.N agenda is: They want to get everyone into cities, small apartments. We are already seeing how the “cities” have degraded into hellholes. Detroit. St. Louis. Chicago. Kids are being raised in cities filled with crime. In the suburbs at least the kids could get out into woods. I wondered what it must have been like for a city kid, living in a world of drugs, and concrete. Never to have enjoyed the woods, the freedom of dirt on your feet, building forts in the trees, I had all of that when I was a kid. I spent my life in the swamps, every day. Watching nature. Never being afraid of anything. Now the kids have to dodge the homeless, the mentally ill, the needles on the ground. The urine. The feces.

What was the real value of not having to spend your days in concrete and no sun? Or a small bedroom where you couldn’t see the sky?

What was the difference of being raised out in the Midlands of America?

FREEDOM. In the city, you are controlled. Out in the midlands, your time is your own. It’s that simple. You can control a population if they are all in one place.

I read that John Adams spend so much time out in the woods when he was kid, hunting and hanging out, the LAST thing he wanted to do was go to school. Back then, the people would gather every night, even in the cities, there was a small town atmosphere.

Freedom was their lives…is it any wonder they wanted it so badly?

Do the Chinese know freedom from birth?

I doubt it very much.

The next piece was called SMALL-TOWN AMERICA. I found out that Gilbert had attended the University of Missouri. He picked many small towns in Missouri to capture what he saw as a dying lost America.

“We draw upon the unique archive as we look at life in Small Town America, a charming contrast to the impersonal world of skyscraper living.” said Gilbert.

What we have been living in for the last two years, was like living in a big city, where you knew no one but the view outside your 43rd floor window. We were masked, told to stay away from our friends, our family, and not to gather ANYWHERE.

Humans ARE social animals. We NEED other people.

And mostly, humans NEED freedom to create and survive.

After they took away the malls which were where everyone use to congregate, it got worse. Since they took away our books, (although they like to make the reporters look smart on TV, showing off their libraries in the background) —they now only want us to get together on our computers, or like Zuckerberg wants, to live in a fake world where we can gather, and they can watch us all.

The elites in America no longer want skyscrapers. They would prefer we all live in basically housing projects. Like we see in many communist countries. All the same. Boring. No grass, no trees.

Or what? What DO they want? They want us all to rent and own nothing, so they can own it all.

The last piece in the magazine was called THE GREAT YELLOWSTONE FIRES

Sigh. Maybe if there are enough fires, people WILL move into the cities. Is that the plan?

By the way, did you know that National Geographic’s biggest stockholder in 1989 was Disney? One wonders if CHINA owns the most stock now…anybody?

America, because of FREEDOM, invented most of the technology that runs the world, then the rest of the world benefited. If not for the elevator, invented by Elisha Graves Otis of Yonkers, Skyscrapers would still be some rich man’s dream. And one of the greatest builders of all, Donald J. Trump, while President, couldn’t even get a border wall built because, the elites have decided there should BE no borders, and stopped him.

Will America build again? Will New York ever come back?

I think we know the answer to that don’t we?

Paul Simon…take it away…

TIME IT WAS AND WHAT A TIME IT WAS, Preserve your memories they’re all that’s left you.

Somehow it’s a comfort to know, I can still escape to my library, when I’m tired of the news, where the world was once, a marvelous gathering of beauty and wonder.

And I don’t need to be looking down from a skyscraper to see it.

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