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PSAKI: She’s not Black OR Gay.

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What do the democrats do, when they can’t defend anymore their horrible President or his record?

WHY, they replace the White House Press Secretary with: A GAY BLACK WOMAN!

And she is even more radical if you can believe it.

IF you criticize this new upcoming star, in the White House Press Room, you will be accused of being racist and…you hate woman AND gay people.

A black women is much more likely to call “RACIST!” than a white Irish looking woman.

It worked for Obama. It worked in Chicago. It’s their biggest Ace in the Hole, to keep you from talking back or even questioning them at all.

Except, this old play by play is getting old.

Why is she leaving? Clearly, she is losing the grip on telling so many lies to cover up for Biden. And they desperatly need the black vote, which they are losing.

Watch here as MS Psaki makes the BIG mistake of saying that the president CONTROLS all branches of govenment. The Congress, the Supreme Court…uh…the FBI, the CIA, the WHO, the…need I go on?

Finally, a true confession!

But don’t give up hope…she WILL be on all the Sunday News programs I bet, and the liberal talk shows.

And probably even the View. I’m sure Biden is amazed at just how articulate she is!

Let’s all wish Karine Jean-Pierre…GOOD LUCK! (Or not.)

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