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Nobody’s Opinion: Nothing in Politics is Just a Coincidence

As we watch America, while the West is being dismantled, what has been amazing is the very bullet speed at which they are now excellerating it. As if, the upcoming U.S. elections must not EVER take place. The virus, the shutdowns, the ridiculous mask and distancing mandate or else you lose your job, your food, your house or even your children, the food supply being destroyed for the world, and the upcoming screams of another virus coming to kill us all, clearly, NONE of this could have been done without some sort of plan.

Biden has already addmitted that making gas unafordable was to make us all change to electric cars.

Yes, the destruction has been so complete, FROM OUR OWN POLITICIANS, that we must now admit without a doubt, they are destroying the West on purpose.

This, was planned.

And here it was: In the script of no other than an old X-Files show.

My husband and I were big fans of this show, and now this video is going all over the internet…and it’s coming true right before our eyes.

Be sure and watch this, because if the first part of it came true, then the second part, which they are already saying is GOING to happen, will.

Now, if you watched that, go to this doctor’s warming, his name is Dr. Andreas Noock, who talks about the fact that graphene hydroxide is in the vaccines…and claims it’s murder.

And he has the background to prove it.

Dr. Noock was assasinated. Like Robert Malone, he was trying to give the warning against the vaccines. Why Robert is alive is amazing.

Why President TRUMP is still alive, is even MORE amazing.

Go to this link to see an extraordinary explanation:

And last but not least, this caught my eye. This year in March, I had the worst case of shingles that you can imagine. It was hell. Worse than having my leg cut in two. When your nerves attack you, you know it.

This article suggest with convincing graphs that Monkeypox is simply a coverup for what the vaccine is doing to many people.

None of these are very long, and I thought them important enough to post them before they are taken down.

What a week.

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