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Is Tony Robbins Advising Joe Biden?

Nobody Wonders

As you all know, I like Mark Dice’s videos, and on one of the last ones he suggested we all get Money, Master the Game by Tony Robbins. So, I did.

You can be sure Biden never read it:

Let’s face it, most Americans won’t admit it, but becoming an expert at investing, when you barely have time to manage your daily life chores, is not something you can learn in a minute. In fact, most ‘financial’ experts can’t manage much of anything but HOW to get YOU to give THEM your money so that they can get rich off using your money to gamble with. They get paid regardless, while you lose.

2008 was a goldmine for many of them.

My mother, who own and ran a union Printing shop, left her money with Edward Jones, and by the time she retired, she had a mere $40,000 left from them, and that was from over 40 years of them ‘investing’ her money. She had enough to do to run a UNION company, and raise a family, let alone try to understand what Edward Jones was doing with her money. I do remember, the printing company had to match the health care and taxes etc. of all the Union members and she had to put HER salary back into the company most weeks just to keep it going. They made twice the salary she did, and yet, they all ended up very well, with great pensions, even when the unions destroyed whole businesses across America.

America used to make shoes, clothing, TV’s, etc., but that’s all gone now. We used to have the best educational system in the world, and the unions ruined that too.

IF you were lucky enough to be in a union before BUSH, then you were set for life.

So, being her daughter, and having had NO education in investing from the public school system, which I found out later was on purpose to KEEP the masses stupid, I, like everyone else am trying to decide what to do with the upcoming collapse of the dollar…so I do what I do best: I read.

I was ALL ready to learn from Tony, and so, there I was on the first chapter and his message?  Well, invest. Save at least 10percent of your salary.

But, what if you can’t afford to do that I thought?

Of course, you can, says Tony. Basically, starve if you have to. Don’t watch TV, buy gas, and cut back…it’s the same thing I hear from all rich people. “I did it, so can you.” Okay. So, you will save, and save, and save, and scrimp and save, and by the time you are 90…YOU WILL BE RICH!

And isn’t that wonderful says Tony.


That’s right, because Tony’s first lesson is to get rich, and GIVE IT AWAY TO PEOPLE IN NEED before you die.

He gives an example of this woman who worked for 75 years ironing clothes. She lived simply. Now, Tony doesn’t mention she had NO husband, NO children, but she managed to be able to give $150,000 to the University of Mississippi to start a scholarship fund.

I was like…WHAT? That’s your message? That’s basically communism. Tony Robbins, brags about how many people he has fed with his money, and I bet you, he lives in a very expensive house and drove nice cars. But you? No, you should be like that old gal.

Here’s the real scam. VERY few people make it to the billionaire stage in life. Very few. Even Tony admits the game is rigged. So to work all your life only to GIVE it away at the end?

“You will own nothing and be happy.” says the first chapter.

Okay, to be fair, I’m only on the first chapter. Today, with the crashing of the American Dollar, you can see where this is going. You can’t turn on the TV or listen to your favorite talk show host without somebody ASKING you for money. The cops, the soldiers, the blacks, the Ukrainians, the Haitians, Cancer, whatever, EVERYBODY is BEGGING for donations. The GOP is the worst. Everyday I get at least 20 emails begging for money. I’m sure the democrats do the same.

Margaret Thatcher said: “The trouble with Socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Right now, very few people have money, because it’s all being grabbed by the top.

There is a black guy on the radio here in St. Louis, I won’t say his name, but he is a financial adviser and a great talker. Somehow I always get him on the radio when I’m putting on my makeup.

Just come talk to him and he will help you more than those greedy other financial guys. Yada Yada. I called the number he was so good, and right away, they asked how much money I had to invest.

You see, those guys won’t even speak to you if you have less than $300,000. It’s all about THEIR money. But if you listen to his talk, he helped his poor grandma who didn’t know how to invest her money and she lost it all. He wants to help YOU.

Right. Sure. And Hunter Biden really doesn’t smoke crack.

Biden was out talking to the AFL-CIO today. Telling them he was going to make the rich pay. And year, after year, after year, they don’t. It reminded me of Obama saying our medical bills would come down, and we could all keep our doctors.

Biden, just lies. We all know that. But the real question is: WHY do we not hear more of our politicians calling him out on his lies?

We all know why.

But, here’s the odd part: Have you noticed, now that gas is so expensive EVERYBODY is on the road driving?

“Let’s go honey! This might be our last road trip!” I can’t figure it out. You would think the roads would be empty, but NOOOOOOO…everybody is driving. What’s up with that?

Once Biden drains the last drop from our strategic oil funds, there will be no more left.

So the question is: Is Tony Robbins advising Biden?

THIS Nobody certainly Wonders.

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