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I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, went out to visit the Clydesdale Budweiser Farm in Boonesville, Mo.

We just got home, late. So, I’m posting a laugh. I can tell you I’m sick of hearing how Trump suggested Pence hang, and Pence has a good chance to run for President BECAUSE of that.

They truly are getting desperate. I can tell you, there were millions of people thinking the same, because in this America you CAN still think that thought. How many times have we heard liberals wanting to kill Trump?

Always a double standard with them.

Driving out to the country though, away from my mostly black neighborhood, and seeing Big American Flags everywhere was a shocker.

I might write about it, but for tomorrow, we had a wicked storm here in the morning and it’s clean up time.

Untill Sunday, have a great weekend!

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