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Cori Bush VS Steven Roberts? Nobody Cares

Nobody Reports,

Here in St. Louis, there is a great “defund the police” going on between Cori Bush and Steven Roberts, both running for the seat of Mayor in St. Louis.

They MIGHT want to think it over because of Stacy Abrams, but then again, Stacy Abrams made LOTS of money with that stance, which she now is changing.

Here in the North County of St. Louis, a political ad by Steven Roberts is being run every hour. He is running to defeat that very brut of a woman, Mayor of St. Louis, Cori Bush. The woman who George Soros basically got elected by donating over 230 million to her. As you can see, she’s not only a racist, but a huge liar. I have to laugh at her trying to defend spending money of her own security, because of “death threats.” Or when she says cops threatened her, and when pressed for details…watch her. Watch her eyes. No cop threatened her. But as for death threats? Yeah, she probably got one. But that didn’t stop her from leading mass protests in the BLM and Fergusion. And by the way, ALL politicians get them.

In your own words Cori….Suck it up MS BUSH.

Anyway, I feel sorry for ALL who live here. And let me say that right after she got elected, she let prisioners out of the downtown jail. It was set on fire. In fact, so much crime goes on downtown St. Louis, that in some survey’s St. Louis IS the biggest crime city. The streets at night downtown are like a Mexican road race. The teenagers mostly black, race up and down the streets for fun.

I still have trouble with that stat. I do think Chicago holds that recrod.

So, what’s going on here? She is BLM defund the police full frontal, and Steven Roberts is defund the police also, but tries to put it across that he’s more ‘educated’ than Cori, even though he can hardly read past the 9th grade level.

Why does Senator Roberts want to be Mayor? WHO’s behind him?

I think, its the Bushes. The RINOS. But what do I know. Cori Bush is just too good at being annoying.

Here’s a sample of BOTH of these internecine idiots.

Is it any wonder nobody trusts the government anymore?

Oh, one more note: Senator Roberts bought a bill up about the Dred Scott case.

At least he went to school. Cori was “ON THE STREETS GETTING SHOT AT!”

Pick your poison. Who would YOU pick?

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