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ATF: Coming To Disarm

Nobody Knows: Will this might be coming to all our houses soon?

While they let blacks and hispanics, and hardened criminals walk our city streets and kill, who are they trying to disarm?

The guys who abide by the Constitution. This man was great. He did NOT give over his guns. And he was nice. And he makes the guns for our police and the Seals, so it’s no wonder they came after him.

I find that this is a sign that in order to take over America, they must destroy the military AND the law abiding citizens so that the illegals and criminals and cartels can start the wars.

What else are we suppose to think about this? Nobody Knows.

Do NOT give up your guns. You are protected by the 2nd amendment.

Learn from this man. He was perfect.

May 10, 2023 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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