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Pass the BACON Said the Pork!

Nobody Wins

After I watched this video I keep thinking of that dog commercial–BACON! BACON! Bacon Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacoon BAAAAACON!!!

Here you have pure 100% pudding proof, that the blacks are reminding Obama that their vote wasn’t free. No sirree. They EXPECT to get raises on their big government salaries, and keep their big government pensions, and Jimmy Carter did it, and well…as JoAnn Watson would put it. “Show me the BACON! “

Personally, I think she could lay off the bacon a bit. If she gets any more bacon she won’t be able to fit into her Mercedes. (Or be able to find her Obama cell phone either.)

JoAnn has actually done us a big favor.

“Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson. “Of course, not just that, but why not?”

JoAnn has proven that the ‘quid pro quo” is the way the game is played in Washington. JoAnn expects the corrupt politicians in Detroit to be bailed out. And as a reminder to everyone that they have a right to expect that, they tell you Gerald Ford bailed out New York.

So, what’s Obama going to do? He promised the Sandy victims he would save them all, and now….Detroit wants a cut? Where’s the money for this coming from?

JoAnn doesn’t care: She wants her bacon.

And then you have Timmie Geithner, who, on the same day, is warning everyone that if Obama doesn’t get his money from the “rich’ he is going to let us all, basically starve.

When asked if the administration was ready to go over the cliff if Republicans continue to oppose White House plans to hike taxes on the richest 2 percent of Americans, Geithner was quick to respond.”Absolutely,” he told the network.”What we’re trying to do is put in place a comprehensive, balanced set of fiscal reforms that put us back on the path of living within our means,” Geithner said.Tim Geithner

Nobody Wins when our Secretary of the Treasury has no clue that the few measly billions he is going to get from taxing the rich will only last a few weeks, and he thinks THAT will put Obama, and his many minions of government worshipers back on the path to living within their means.

Okay everyone…repeat after me: BACON BACON BACON  bacon bacon bacon…we want our BACON TIMMIE!

Nobody Thinks the half of America that is giving bacon to JoAnn should reply, “We’d like to keep our bacon JoAnn. How about you go on Michelle’s veggie diet, and plant yourself some radishes?

After all…you voted for Michelle too, and in her world, you need to eat your veggies and get off the bacon.

It’s the Muslim way, and they don’t like pigs with lipstick either.

And speaking of that…is that lipstick Timmie’s wearing?

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The Gods of Goldman Sachs

Nobody Knows–

This is Lloyd Blankfein. He is now the head of Goldman Sachs. In his first year as CEO he received a $67 million dollar bonus. So far, its recorded that he has visited the White House ten times. By this video alone, I’d say he practically lives there. Nobody Knows  what doormat I’ve been under, but I just discovered today that Jon Corzine, another former Goldman Sachs Chairman, was actually at one time, running Goldman Sachs with Henry Paulson before entering politics. (1998.) Jon had left Goldman Sachs to join MF Global in March 2o1o with a plan to remake it into the next Goldman Sachs. Oh…and Lloyd would be proud…Corzine was once a Senator and Governor of New Jersey, doing as Lloyd would say, “God’s Work.”

Gee…think: that’s little more than a year ago.
Once Corzine got into MF Global, he started buying the Italian and Spanish bonds, as well as those of Portugal, Ireland, and Belgium, against the advice of his peers, but he pressured Directors that the trades would work out:  
Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) –Jon Corzine bet $11.5 billion on European sovereign debt in his bid to rebuild profits at MF Global Holdings Ltd., almost twice the net amount disclosed to investors, and relied on short-term hedges that left the firm exposed to larger losses if they couldn’t be rolled over. The firm’s Oct. 31 bankruptcy filing, the eighth-biggest by a public company in the U.S., led to at least 1,066 workers losing their jobs, disrupted commodities markets and undermined investor confidence in future brokers. The trustee liquidation MF Global’s broker-dealer said more than $1.2 billion in customer money may be missing, and the company is being investigated by regulators and the U.S. Justice Department. 


About $200 million of the missing funds have been found at JPMorgan Chase & Co., the New York Times reported, citing people briefed on the matter that it didn’t identify. MF Global had an overdrawn account at New York-based JPMorgan in its final days, the newspaper said. The funds were transferred before its bankruptcy filing, it said. Neither Corzine nor anyone else at MF Global has been accused of any wrongdoing. (Of COURSE not.)

But, here’s the thing: In the recent Vanity Fair (May 2011) article, it’s being reported that Paulson and Corzine did not get along. And I never know what to think when I’m reading Vanity Fair, because it has such a liberal bent.

What is more important to this Nobody is the question of WHY are all these former heads of Goldman Sachs being picked by our Presidents to run the United States Treasury? I mean…I don’t know much, but aren’t investment bankers more talented at risk-taking and trading stocks?

Don’t we need more of a person that can manage our budget?  

Is that why they like to play with the taxpayers money? Are they all dreaming of some big blockbuster “world on stock market” steroids? Are they just using the taxpayers money for their own fun and profit?

And here’s what bothers me the most: Robert Rubin was a former Goldman Sachs Co-chairman. He became Bill Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury. When Steve Friedman, the President of Goldman Sachs in the 1990’s, was going to retire, he went to the White House to ask Robert Rubin (who was Secretary Treasury at the time) advise on who should he pick to replace him, and Robert told him to pick Paulson and Corzine— so he did.


Robert Rubin and Stephen Friedman assumed the Co-Senior Partnership in 1990 and pledged to focus on globalization of the firm and strengthening the Merger & Acquisition and Trading business lines. During their reign, the firm introduced paperless trading to the New York Stock Exchange and lead-managed the first-ever global debt offering by a U.S. corporation. It also launched the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI) and opened a Beijing office in 1994. It was this same year that Jon Corzine assumed leadership of the firm following the departure of Rubin and Friedman.

 George W. Bush picked Henry Paulson for his treasury secretary, and then came the bailouts.
Corzine just lost a billion or so of other people’s money. (Something he done before when he worked for Sachs) and he goes prancing merrily away. After all, he went to Chicago University. Obama’s old stomping grounds.


This very important story was only reported here in the States as a sidenote. Our media is obsessed with the election.   

What we should be paying attention to is, who’s going to be the next Secretary of the Treasury, because I don’t know about you…when you have a Congress that can do insider trading, what better partnership could you possibly have than the x-chairmans of the biggest investment firm in the United States, sitting right on your couch every day?

Lloyd truly believes in going beyond the world of banking, he’s out to be God. Helping global warming, and the babies. I’d like to see the great things he has done, for $67 million dollars–wouldn’t you?

If history repeats itself, Lloyd will have a seat at the White House sooner than we think, and if he’s anything like his predecessors, the little nobodies of the world, are doomed. But the Gods of Goldman Sachs and their political friends, are happy, because they are “doing God’s work.”

The God– whose name rhymes with “Need.”

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