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It’s the Last Day on Earth: Did You Wear Clean Underwear?

Nobody Cares

How much money has been made off of the “END OF THE WORLD” , which according to hundreds of ‘experts’, much like the ‘experts’ of climate change, is today?Mayan end

Nobody Knows, but I bet it’s in the billions.

So, today is proof, that if you scare people enough, it can make you boatloads of money! Why, Obama used it to scare people into more gun control laws…Hurricane Sandy. What he didn’t mention is how many people were NOT robbed because of the fact that they advertised ON THEIR FRONT DOORS…that robbers would be shot. No, global warming is the reason we should all hand in our guns, because when destruction hits, armed criminals will be armed…and his gun laws will disarm them.

And if you believe that, then you believe that you are going to die today because the “Mayans” said so.

In that case…Nobody hopes you go to a place where sanity is more abundant, and where politicians don’t always get the first tee times by default. Better yet, they go to another place where they are STUCK in front of podiums talking about themselves forever.


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