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Dr. Corsi Explains the Truth According to Nobody

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This might not be a very pleasant way to spend your Sunday, but in all the video’s of the last year that I’ve watched…in THIS video– Dr. Corsi comes the closest to explain, what in my Nobody’s Opinion…is about as close to the truth of our government as any other.

Remember …it was George W. Bush that was pushing full force with globalization…which in all reality, is a very bad deal for the regular American citizen. You and I, in this very well planned ‘merging’ of America with the rest of the world, will see our country disappear.

If you think this guy is NUTS because he is talking to Alex Jones, try to remember that there are very few outlets that are trying to make sense of the daily, almost unbelievable un-Constitutional laws being past by our Congress, and supported by our Supreme Court. …with not much resistance. Amnesty will be coming fast, as you may well recall, supported fully by the Bush’s. The idea that American corporations can conquer the world is one supported by both parties, and Wal-Mart, which has a habit of putting the First Ladies on their boards, is a prime example of the global plans.

Jeffery Immelt, (CEO of GE)  and many of our top CEO’s have expressed their admiration for how things are run in China— Capitalism at the top (so a few have power and great wealth) and communism at the bottom. This is what they want to happen in America.

As Dr. Corsi explains…that’s the plan. And they must disarm us first.



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  1. Whoar, Joyanna. An HOUR of talking heads? I tried. But so many other things got in the way.

    I did note in the opening few minutes a quick reference to ‘exemptions’ from gun laws for a select few (or not so few) government and ex-gov’t ‘workers’. This bracketing of the ‘select’ that seems to be so one-sided, is a common ploy of the left. It is happening in Oz too. Not guns though but something far more dangerous.


    Our Gloriana Julia (and her also-feminist side-kick Nicola Roxon, the Attorney General) is trying to introduce a law which penalises ‘insults’.

    But her own Government people are to be exempt !!!!

    If the law goes through (when) we can look forward to actions by police to arrest anyone who ‘insults’ another and of course follow down the path that America is taking with its gun-crazy laws. I read recently of a small boy in America arrested for making a pretend gun with his fingers to ‘shoot’ another small boy in a playground. Imagine what fun our cops and courts will have with little Bruce from Wooloomaloo being charged for calling his playmate ‘stinkey’. Jail for the little bastard!!!

    Meanwhile Julia will remain free to describe the opposition leader and any liberal (liberals here are not left wing) in disgusting terms with impunity. Indeed, exemption.


    Comment by Amfortas | January 27, 2013 | Reply

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