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Nobody’s Perfect: The Cop VS Obama

Nobody’s Perfect

This week, we have the Cop VS Obama.

First up: Your friendly police.

We’ve all see this….cops speeding, talking on cell phones, going through stop signs, getting free doughnuts, and one of MY personal pet peeves: They are on their computer looking at god knows what.  (Yes, now almost all of them have big screens right next to the driver’s seat) while going down the highway.

If a cell phone is dangerous, then what the heck are they doing searching FACEBOOK at 70 mph? Whose bright idea was it to put a computer next to the driver’s seat?

In this video, a trucker who drives for a living, pulled over a cop for speeding and talking on his cell phone. At first the cop attacks him, and lies.  But then, he’s all but admitting he was wrong.

Yes, he was breaking the law, and actually admitted it, to his credit, although, his honesty made him famous, which means somewhere tonight is a really pissed off cop. Many think he changed his attitude because he was on video, but being on video has never made Obama admit he’s wrong.

(Nobody Thinks it was the ghost of Guy Fawkes that got to him.)

Compare THAT to “Presidente Obama.” Who breaks the law every single day, and never, ever, ever, ever admits that he is just making laws up as he goes along.

Despite the “Congress does nothing” BS, the truth is, Obama won’t let them do anything. Harry Reid blocks everything that comes to the floor.

Compromise is not in Obama’s vocabulary. No, with Obama it’s “So let it be written, so let it be DONE!”

(We all know how THAT worked out for Yul Brynner don’t we?)

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

King Barack Hussein Obama Tut.  He breaks every Constitutional law on the books, and just Keeps on Truckin!

(Sorry…it was just too much to resist)


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  1. It would have to be a serious charge with proof positive. It would have to be a charge that most of all America would have to agree whatever the charge it was egregious enough to warrant impeachment and removal from office. As bad as one may think Obama has been as president or as much as he is your political opposite, he hasn’t come close to that threshold. A few zealots does not make a country, they do not even make up the majority of a political party, they are but a small fraction within a fraction.

    One would think the Republican Party would have learned from history, from their ill advised attempt of impeaching President Clinton. Maybe that is too much to expect.

    you want him gone because he’s black!


    Comment by Questionman | July 2, 2014 | Reply

    • Clinton should have been impeached for giving plutonian to North Korea. He should have been impeached for partnering with our military contractors, and selling China our nuclear secrets. Before Clinton did that, China was 40 years behind us. Now they can nuke any American city.   By the way, they kept that off the news.   Monica was a joke.   Obama should be impeached for using the IRS to go after citizens, and changing the laws whenever he feels like it.   Congress seems powerless to stop his continuing power grab. All power is now going to the office of the Presidency.   Having said that, I am NOT a Republican. I write just as much against the Bushes. I BLAME Bush for Obama. I didn’t like Daddy Bush either. Both parties cater to the Fortune 500 companies. We have a plutocracy. Money now rules.   Like my ancestors before me, (ADAMS)  I am an Independent.   If you go by the Constitution, (which no President seems to do anymore) D.C. is a cesspool of corruption. (BOTH parties)   But then again, nobody seems to care…simply because the Constitution is not taught in school anymore.   Obama will never be impeached.   If you want to see the future of America after Obama is finished with it…just look to Detroit. If you think that’s a good thing, then you have low standards for us all.   I am proud of those that came before me, but MY generation…..did nothing but horrors. Our poor parents, who fought WWII, had no clue how to fight Marxists in their own country.   But hey, the latest poll says that Obama is the worst President ever.   I guess, I’m not the only one.   I want him gone because he’s black? He’s a liar. He’s a Marxist. He’s a Muslim. He’s a fraud. He is over his head. He’s a tryant. If only Thomas Sowell had been our first black president.   I live in a neighborhood of blacks. I get along great with all my black neighbors.   And I hate to tell you…many blacks are waking up to Obama’s plantation. It’s just a matter of time before they realize he is dealing them lies.   He IS a good speaker.   But…Keep telling yourself that. I take it, you don’t read much.              


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | July 3, 2014 | Reply

      • Wow. you attack people for saying hatred for Obama is based on Racism, yet you scumbags prove them right anyway, thus proving Holder right. Thats kind of an ignorant statement. You’re basically saying only Republicans are decent people. Quality is an individual trait not a party’s. Republicans have had plenty of knuckleheads as well as democrats. The funny thing is they commit just as many if not more crimes while in office than their fellow democrats.

        Dummy Obama is a Muslim killer… He is no friend of Al-Islam, nor is the house of Saudi!

        People say Obama is a Marxist/Communist. And those political systems criticize/outlaw free market, private economies. So because we still have a “free” market and a private economy Obama therefore is not a Marxist/Communist.

        Obama has tried and tried to get them to pass a jobs bill, raise the minimun wage, equal pay for equal work, extend unemployment benefits, immigration reform and on and on. Since when is infrastructure spending, destroying the country? Or wanting healthcare for everyone? Or raising the minimum wage so people can actually live on what they earn? Wanting the wealthy to pay their fair share instead of cutting programs that help the needy? THEY have destroyed this country. Things that Obama wants, were commonplace before he took office. The right didn’t have a problem with any of this stuff before.
        Thats just plain ignorant. You as well as them need to get a grip on reality.


        Comment by Questionman | July 15, 2014

      • I have been writing since 2000. At least HALF of what I have written was against George Bush. The whole government is corrupt.   All of them. Both parties. If you read me more, I say that ALL the time. Our government, is an oligarchy. There are only a handful of Congress that remain honest.   Obama is a Muslim Killer? Mmmm…that’s interesting.   We have a free market? Obama has said, that he believes in redistribution. That’s communism.   I’m not sure what we have, but Obama has ruined the country economically. He has made it almost impossible for the little guy to make it anymore. OBAMA—- AND EVEYRONE ESLE IN for the Fortune 500 companies.   I have three patents. I am from a family who always had their own business. The government is almost fascistic in every way.   As for Obama trying to get the Congress to pass a bill…the House has sent bills to him, and Harry Reid denies them a vote. That’s not how a government is suppose to work.   You compromise. Obama lies and tells you  “HEY! those other guys are the evil ones!”   You are listening to Obama, you trust him. He lies. Pure and simple.   He lies. I take it you have not known too many liars.   My son has no healthcare. MILLIONS have lost their health care. EVERYONE pays more now.     Are YOU on Obamacare? How do you like it?   Only the very poor now have healthcare. But they always had it. People are going to die on obamacare. They admit, care will be rationed.   Hopefully, your parents don’t get sick.   But thanks, you have given me some more ideas for future blogs.   You think Obama doesn’t help the wealthy? HA! Jeffery Immelt HIS BUDDY, pays nothing Yes, GE pays NOTHING. Obama gives all his friends breaks.   His very rich friends.   And I think, the unions have destroyed this country. We used to make shoes, clothes, cars, you name it.   The unions drove the business out of the country. Taxes did the rest.   Obama will always, always, always, always, blame the other person. That alone, should tell you something.   If it doesn’t, you have been either very lucky in life, or you are just young.            


        Comment by Joyanna Adams | July 16, 2014

  2. test


    Comment by Questionman | July 2, 2014 | Reply

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