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Nobody Remembers

“For depth of purpose, zeal, and sagacity, no man in Congress exceeded, if any equaled, Sam Adams. ” Thomas Jefferson

The History channel just got through with a mini-series about the start of the American revolution, called, “Sons of Liberty.”  And so this week, (being as I hold dear fondness for the Adams’s) I thought I’d do some remembering of Sam Adams.Sons of liberty two

I had to laugh at how they really romanticized Sam Adams, the man whose name was at the top of King George’s death list. …and yet, they just touched the mere surface of the man.

Sam Adams was unbelievably young and handsome in the series, and while I was very glad to see some homage paid to the Adams family, since Washington D.C., has not YET honored them with any sort of monument…..everything I’ve ever read about the time, suggest they took great creative license with the script.

But…you know what? It might at this time in our history, be necessary. We live in a culture that young people might not watch if a good-looking leading man was not cast. And we WANT the young to learn history. God knows, they are getting crap in the schools.

Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty

The television series stopped after the Battle of Bunker Hill (my birthday– coincidently) but the war was not going well for the longest of time. General George Washington kept having to retreat as we all know…

In fact, the Continental Congress had to move out of Philadelphia in 1777, since the British were on the march, and fast.Sam Adams three

Things were so depressing that John Adams said this:

“The prospect is chilling, on every Side: Gloomy, dark, melancholy and dispiriting.”

The Continental Congress all left the city in a rush, they would have all been hanged. Or worse yet, like Dr. Warren, Sam’s good friend, beheaded on Bunker Hill.

The real Sam Adams was NOT a young man when the revolution started. He had lost his first wife and four of his children before the war started. The Old South Church where Sam’s father had once worshipped was ripped apart and used as a riding academy by the British. Sam’s house in Boston was vandalized by the British troops so badly that it was uninhabitable.

They left that OUT of the series.

And yet, on September 26, 1777, Samuel Adams…the slightly heavy, gray-haired, 55-year-old, gave his fellow member of Congress a talk, of encouragement.

“If we despond, public confidence is destroyed, the people will no longer yield their support to a hopeless contest, and American liberty is no more. Through the darkness which shrouds our prospects the ark of safety is visible. Despondency becomes not the dignity of our cause, nor the character of those who are its supporters.”

“Let us awaken the, and evince a different spirit , a spirit that shall inspire the people with confidence in themselves and in us, a spirit that will encourage them to persevere in this glorious struggle, until their rights and liberties shall be established on a rock. We have proclaimed to the world our determination “to die freemen, rather than to live slaves.” We have appealed to Heaven for the justice of our cause, and in Heaven we have places out truss. Numerous have been the manifestation of God’s providence in sustaining us. In the gloomy period of adversity we had had “our cloud by day and pillar of fire by night.” We have been reduced to distress, and the arm of Omnipotence has raised us up. Let us still rely in humble convince on Him who is might to save. Good tidings will soon arrive. We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy if its aid and protections.

Sam & Me

Sam & Me

On October 17, at Saratoga, the American General Horatio Gates accepted the surrender of 5,8000 British soldier lad by General John Burgoyne. And this victory brought France to our aid…so Sam was right.

In the year 2000, my mother paid for my airfare to go to Boston, because I couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t until after suffering from a deep depression, did I take my mother’s advice and go to search basically– for myself. I hit Boston, Braintree, Bunker Hill…The gravesites of the Adams’ …all of them.

What I found, was the remarkable story of a few men, in Boston, who dared to say, against all odds, to the might King of England…no. We are not colonists.

“Is not America already independent? Why then not declare it? ” (Sam Adams, 1776.)

Sam Adams was not a rich man…and he truly was, the man who rallied Boston to resistance.

So, while historically speaking, history is twisted here and there by script writers, I can honestly say, I’m very glad Sam Adams got shown on the History Channel last week.

My favorite description of Sam Adams was writing by Mercy Otis Warren, in 1805:

“His mind was replete with resources that dissipated fear….he stood forth earl, and continued firm, through the great struggle, and may justly claim a large share of honor, due to that spirit of energy which opposed the measures of administration, and produced the independence of America. Through a long life he exhibited on all occasions an example of patriotism, religion, and virtue honorary to the human character. “

As you can see from the picture, I got his legs, his big forehead (of which I have been embarrassed all my life) and most of all, much to most everyone I know, an insufferable love of justice and hatred of tyranny.

Which—- as the Nobody that I am, if I must say so, is about as American as you can get.

Pass the beer. 🙂


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  1. “…..and in Heaven we have places out truss.””. Really ? 🙂

    Hmmmmm. I think the truss needs to be ask for back to truss up Obama, the New King of the Caliphate of America.

    I admire your Loyalty to your forebears, Joyanna. but….. If the likes of old Sam had only remained loyal to the nation that established America as a people and a nation, and had a little more patience, diplomacy, insistence and forbearance, America would have inherited leadership of half the world, united, in due course. The ‘Trajectory of History’ was there. As it was, the colonists were duped by the oligarchs in Boston who embroiled them in a war that was far from Just. The path was strayed from. But, there goes history, a scheme replete with human error.

    How is it going for you?


    Comment by Amfortas | January 29, 2015 | Reply

    • ha ha ha!…You never cease to make me laugh. The British IN THOSE DAYS were …obnoxious. The colonists considered themselves British…and when you put your heavy boot down…it’s only human nature for people to scream. Besides…if I had been under a different king, then things might have been different. Thankfully, our founders were big admirers of the Magna Carta and British law…hey, you tell me what to read that states YOUR point of view. I’d love to read it. Anyway, I really liked the series, but you LOL! would HATE it. American movies always portray the British generals as such snobs. I’m sure the British movies always portray the Americans as stupid and ignorant. Such are the ways of men.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 29, 2015 | Reply

      • hehehehehe. I am as you well know a great admirer of my American cousins. As an Englishman you are more than cousins and more like wayward children who are well loved despite being annoying little sods. 🙂

        Russell Crowe has just made a movie about the Gallipoli campaign in WW1. Not only does he whitewash the very nasty Turks who whilst that doomed battle was being waged, were simultaneously waging genocide on Christian Armenians (1.5 million were killed) but took good screen time to disrespect the British Generals. The Turks were fine fellows it seems. Plucky. Defending their homeland. (Let us not mention the Ottoman Empire and siding with the Germans.) Australia lost several thousand troops in that battle. The British who lost 5 times as many are supposed to have sacrificed Australians.

        ‘Snobby’, ‘Posh’ British military commanders are the butt of anti-historical jokes and stand ins for accurate fact. The British are the ‘go-to’ bad guys.


        Comment by Amfortas | January 30, 2015

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