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Last night, my husband and I watched one of our favorite movies: Armageddon.  It must have been made before 2001, because the twin towers were still in the New York Skyline.

That skyline is now…changed forever, and whatever you may think of the lone FREEDOM Tower, it just doesn’t live up to the same magnificence. Even when they make movie about New York now, I don’t care how many times they show the Empire State building, New York is not the “top of the heap” as it once was.Armegaddon

What made the movie so great, was the story of the indestructible American spirit portrayed so well by Bruce Willis, and his merry crew of oil mine drillers who land on a comet about to destroy the earth, and with the help of the (at that time) incomparable the planet.

It was so American.

Kids in the movie were playing with Space Shuttle toys.

I felt sad as I watched this. The shuttles are gone. NASA is gone. America has to hitch a ride (at a very high price) with the Russians if they want into space.

Most of this has happened under Obama.

Today, we get the news, that Ramadi, a city in Iraq…where many of our American boys lost lives and blood, was taken over by ISIS. Baghdad is shuttle

After all our other wars, America made sure the countries we left had better future: Japan. Germany. Not anymore. We have become merely pinpricks in a world where, we are now…just another kid on the block.

And I couldn’t help but say something during the movie…because DAMN IT...our elite leaders are weakening us on purpose and for reasons that only benefit the few. And it makes me furious. But, my husband, gets angry if I even mention it.

To a man, if he can’t solve the problem, it does no good at all to stress out about it.

Logically speaking, it’s a survivors mentality. I know, he is right. But…I just can’t help myself.

Which is why, my next movie pick is going to be Beethoven II. 


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  1. Sadly am inclined to agree with you after all I have read.


    Comment by spookmoor | May 19, 2015 | Reply

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